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FIRED: Tow Truck Driver Who Yelled “Go Back To Your County, Let Hitler Kill You” TERMINATED

A tow truck driver in Boro Park unleashed an antisemitic diatribe after being called out for blocking a street.

The incident occurred at about 10:30 Sunday morning on 50th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues. The tow truck was blocking the street for an extended period of time, and local residents made multiple requests for the man to move so that cars could pass.

Instead of granting the simple request, the tow truck driver exploded in a fit of rage against the Jews who had the gall to ask him to move.

“Go back to your [expletive] country, let Hitler kill you [expletive], [expletive],” he said.

YWN encourages our readership to boycott companies who employee anti-Semites like this.

UPDATE: YWN has confirmed that the tow truck driver who made the hateful comments has been terminated from his position, effective immediately.

In addition, the owner of the towing company has been in touch with local residents who were victims of this abuse, and is doing everything to make amends. YWN commends the actions of the owner of this company, who is standing against all hate.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Something tells me he will be out of a job before days end.

    He will go on unemployment and get free money on our dime.


  2. In 1935, at the behest of Germany, Mussolini sent troops into Ethiopia with the express purpose of taking over the country to solidify the Axis’ hold on Africa and to continue the expansionist policies. Ethiopia’s (called Abyssinia as well) King, the Lion of Judea, Haile Selassie, successfully repelled the invasion and sent the Italians back a second time in defeat. It should be made know to these BLM imbeciles that honoring the Nazi paper hanger is handing him another victory, not over the Jews, but over themselves.

  3. Why would you go after the company for the actions of an employee (that they have no control over) that they handled correctly? They immediately fired him. What more do you want? If anything we should be leaving good reviews because of how they handled it. Going after people that did nothing wrong (in fact got it right) doesn’t decrease Antisemitism. It does the exact opposite.

  4. This driver needed to back up his truck to be able to back into a driveway to tow a car, but cars were blocking him. The Jews should have had the cars back up so this guy could do his job and tow the car he came to tow. Not right of the Jews not to back up & let this guy do his job. The local residents should have granted his request to back up their cars. Incomplete reporting YWN. & Jews should be more considerate to fellow citizens in our host country.

  5. He’s been terminated from his job but his hatred will certainly compound and grow and develop! I worry he may lash out in revenge.

  6. This company goes by a lot of different names and is very disrespectful and dishonest and they way over charge and the owner and Partners are all in the mob this a mobbed run company they hate all Jewish people they should put out of business I am disappointed and disgusted that they used anti-Semitism against us Jewish people all my Jewish people never use them or call them for any of your Towing needs very hurt

  7. @Yomam valayla if you don’t know what you are talking about then be quiet.
    I have everything on my home surveilance camera, the tow truck operator did NOT have to tow the vehicle and in fact it was never towed rather the vehicle in question drove away in the end under its own power. The tow truck double parked by a fire hyrdrant to render services, instead of just pulling into the spot he chose to double park there and block traffic.
    Additionally, the tow truck driver chose to block traffic even after the said vehicle has already left to show he’s the boss. Not seen in this video, is the tow driver saying he’s “from the other side of Brooklyn and has no problem messing you the…. up”. To the Tow driver credit he DID try making peace in the end and tried shaking hands with the chevra but the damage has already been done.

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