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HATE IN LAKEWOOD: Snow-Plow Driver Targets Two Orthodox Jews Walking To Shul On Shabbos [SEE THE VIDEO]

Two men in a snow plow truck recorded themselves targeting two frum, hapless victims in Lakewood.

The clip shows the driver lowering his plow as they approach two Orthodox Jewish men presumably walking to shul during the blizzard on Shabbos morning.

The lowered plow caused the victims to have massive amounts of snow and ice pour onto them, causing the pair to burst out laughing.

The video was posted by the alleged perps, named Donny Klarmann and Brandon Epps, on Facebook. Klarmann is an employee at Waste Management, a company that does garbage collection, snow clearing, and other public services. Epps is employed as an IT technician.

The ADL tells YWN it “is aware of the incident and is investigating as well as reaching out to the Town to find out more.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

7 Responses

  1. These red-neck yahoos need to be locked in a freezer for a few days (not the BMG “freezer” but a real freezer below 32 degrees).

    But why not sue the company that they work for? Damages begin with dry cleaning bills, followed by a list any decent lawyer will come up with.

    That would get them fired and send a message that “pranks” will empty your wallet.

  2. Hopefully they will be terminated and possibly charged with “assault with a snowplow”.

    At the same time, reminder that it might be prudent for even the most ehrliche yidden to avoid marching down the middle of a major artery during a blizzard to get to shul given the limited visibility even for snowplow drivers not engaging in such deliberate behavior.

  3. @Gh
    So then what should they do? Stay home and not go to shul? I don’t know what type of community you come from. Snow doesn’t stop an ehrliche yid from going to shul.

  4. Who cares , Most normal people with half a brain would not be walking in the street during a snow storm . The streets are for vehicles , sidewalks are for pedestrians. Stop crying

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