With thousands of Jews in Florida for midwinter break, many were stunned to see a group of individuals in Orlando wearing Nazi-affiliated attire, carrying flags emblazoned with swastikas, and performing Nazi salutes.

The Neo-Nazis were seen in more than one location over the past 24 hours. One location was an overpass on Interstate 4 in Orlando between exit 68 and 69. Thousands of Jews were passing underneath this overpass and subject to the hate.

Some in the group held signs says “Vax the Jews” and harassed passing cars, hurling antisemitic slurs and epithets. One sign read “Let’s Go Brandon”, a comment used by supporters of Former President Trump to take a swipe at President Biden.

According to multiple reports, a number of police officers were at the scene but did nothing – allowing the hate to run amok in Governor Ron DeSantis’ Florida.

A Twitter user said he saw 11 police cars and 2 choppers there, but they allowed the hate to continue, under the pretense of First Amendment rights.

Eventually, the group of about 15 wannabe Nazis were confronted by a larger group from the community and quietly slunk away.

Will DeSantis have a comment to make? He’s said nothing yet.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Is anyone surprised?? Some of the same garbage outside the Trump rally yesterday in Texas but the security teams fortunately did not allow them in with their signs/t-shirts that might have shown up on TV coverage. There were also some Nazi symbols on the boat parade for Trump several months ago in Florida and a golf cart parade before the election.
    Legally, Florida has no explicit laws dealing with hateful speech so the First Amendment defense was probably correct although there certain could have been immediate and forceful statements from DeSantis et. al.

  2. Not good at all. Governor DeSantis should strongly condemn this and look into the police officers conduct who not only let this continue, but aided and abetted them. As a registered Republican, I will be following this closely.

  3. De Santi absolutely should not comment on this. Giving these type of people attention is exactly what they are looking for. It will also do wonders for their networking to have someone the stature of De Santis pay attention to them . If they did not break any Floridan law there is nothing he can or should do. These people are doing it for the attention. Not for being ignored

  4. When did Jews get so small minded? Its called Free Speech but even though it’s legal since you don’t like it you want it stopped. But of course when someone doesn’t like your speech and wants it stopped you’ll cry Antisemitism. Free Speech is one of our greatest freedoms and with that freedom comes the right of Nazis to March.

  5. freedom of speech means freedom for EVERYONE not just you
    if you start picking and choosing where do you stop?
    when you start banning some people who says the people banning are not corrupt?
    its a balance
    lets keep it this way

  6. The fact that the police didn’t immediately intervene is suspicious and kinda smells like a false flag… like they wanted the media to get good coverage first.
    But maybe Orlando PD is just rife with nazis?

  7. There are very fine people on both sides. Shutting them down would be cancel culture. In any case they seem to be anti-Biden so that is all that really matters.

  8. I keep on saying that the white extremist right-wingers can be even more cruel than anti-Semitic blacks, just learn from history. Don’t be naive and think that just because we live in communities surrounded by blacks, many of them anti-Semites, and therefore we are exposed to their hate, that whites love us…

  9. Is anyone surprised when the those Leftists who love socialism – mimicking the Nationalist Socialist party of 1930s and 1940s Germany – rise up to protest and curb our individual rights? The only thing they do get right is Let’s Go Brandon

  10. Looks like Jews are very welcome in Orlando. Something tells me they know when the Jews are coming to town. Very sad, but not surprising, to see this in America in 2021. Our grandparents never thought it could happen in Germany of 1930’s either.

  11. As long as there is no violence, everyone should be able to say whatever they want.

    People by now should understand what sensoring anyone means. It all starts with proper intentions.

    It is only good for the Jews to know who are enemies are. Let them come out and introduce themselves in person.

  12. This is for all to see that Pirkei Avos isn’t a fairy tale. Not that it needs proof but people need reminders. The ugly face of antisemitism is looking at us from both sides. Whomever thinks that democrats are better or Republicans are better then they are mistaken sadly. Midst Americans don’t think this way regardless of political affiliation but haters of Israel are in all political camps including libertarians and independents

  13. I think someone is sending to us a hint that it is time to daven very sincerely and seriously and ask Hashem to send Mashiach ASAP. Maybe this time when we daven, we should leave our phones outside the Shul. I am positive that the people that get the honor to have a private meeting with the President, they will make sure 1 million percent that there phone will not ring or make any type of noise during the meeting. Let us treat the Shul like the Oval Office.

  14. Many years ago when we were in Mitzraim and it came the time to leave, about 80% chose to stay in Mitzraim.
    It appears to me that just like years ago, Hashem decided that it is not good for us to stay any longer in Mitzraim, I think that is what is happening now, Hashem is trying to slowly get us ready and excited to get out of here. Let’s build a brand new Walt Disney World in Eretz Yisroel.

  15. This is a pathetic group of about a dozen weirdos who aren’t taken seriously by anybody.

    You are giving them what they want- media attention – which is there only hope for spreading their message.

  16. We are in golus. Their first display of Nazi flags happened on shabbos. It’s a wake up call to the majority of Jews who don’t keep shabbos. The second display was on Sunday to wake up the gashmiyos yidden who although religious in their minds but their hearts are in Disney world. We don’t belong to mix our kids with goyim and give kids a chinuch of emotional love for Mickey Mouse.

  17. Esav will always hate Yaakov. Doesn’t it say so in the Torah? We just need a reminder every once in awhile. Let’s not feel too comfortable here in the US, or anywhere for that matter.

  18. Right, all American Jews should move to Israel where the government there will make life for us religious jews so nice and sweet. And the arabs will be at the airport to greet us all with candy. Israel’s jews are in golus just the same as us here in the US. Stop the propaganda about making Aliyah

  19. Re: ChaimTovim
    “Is anyone surprised when the those Leftists who love socialism – mimicking the Nationalist Socialist party of 1930s and 1940s Germany – rise up to protest and curb our individual rights?”

    Be advised: Hitler was no “Socialist.” He was a right-winger all the way, and acknowledged Mussolini’s fascist movement was his inspiration. Hitler added “socialist” to his party’s name just to attract more people. I suppose working for “the people” meant going after Jews. Don’t let anyone make that mistake, and I hope that’s not the singular reason why you are against socialism, because its based on a fallacy.

  20. Even though this is already old news I want to point out three things
    #1 this isn’t “news” that yeshiva world should post because that is feeds into what they want.
    #2 I almost wouldn’t be surprised if they were federal plants because with their “lets go Brandon” signs the liberals want to paint all conservatives as nazis.
    #3 if I was there I would have yelled back “why are you such a small group? That’s because half your families have died of meth overdoses because you live for nothing so you turn to drugs and we live for purpose….

  21. Come to the Aretz

    Haha what’s a better situation in galus: driving past 20 ignorant nut jobs on a bridge, or living under an evil zionist government that hates frumkiet and being surrounded by countries full of suicidal religious maniacs?

    I’ll take Florida until Moshiach arrives speedily in our day.

  22. Uncle MO,
    They hate us which makes us hate them. Which when they don’t hate us but find out we think they hate us, guess what? Now they hate us!
    Great way to go through life assuming everyone hates you. (When you add the non-frum and the Zionists about 99.8% of the world hates you. What a horrible way to go through life especially when its not true.)

  23. What kind of moron wrote this article?

    “According to multiple reports, a number of police officers were at the scene but did nothing – allowing the hate to run amok in Governor Ron DeSantis’ Florida.”

    Of course the police did nothing. What do you imagine they could do? These people weren’t breaking any law, they were exercising their “inalienable right”, with which our declaration of independence says they were endowed by their Creator, to express their opinion, and had a policeman tried to stop them that would have been a crime. Thank G-d DeSantis’s Florida is a place where all our rights are respected.

    How dare you write “…under the pretense of first amendment rights”? What “pretense” do you claim there was? As opposed to what? The first amendment is real. It is the supreme law of the land. If you violate it you are a criminal. And if you advocate the police violating it you are a fascist and a traitor.

    The reporter approvingly cites some moron on Twitter who says the nazis were standing on government property, as if that is an excuse to suppress their freedom of speech. It’s government property that’s open to the public, so it must be open to all regardless of what opinion they are expressing. If Jews are allowed to stand there and shout “Shma Yisroel”, and black people are allowed to stand there and should “Black Lives Matter”, and Latin Americans are allowed to stand there and shout “Abolish ICE”, then nazis have the right to stand there and shout whatever they like too. The government cannot discriminate against speech on the basis of its viewpoint.

    And the commenters! The leftist propagandist going by the arrogant name “GHT” says “Legally, Florida has no explicit laws dealing with hateful speech so the First Amendment defense was probably correct”. What laws do you think Florida could have, that would have changed the analysis? What states have such laws? The first amendment is the supreme law of the land, and neither congress nor any state can make any law that contradicts it. Any such “law” is automatically invalid, and a policeman who enforces it will have no qualified immunity and will go to prison.

    Nor is there any reason at all for DeSantis to react to such an insignificant event. A dozen people exercised their rights. Why is that a matter worthy of comment by the state governor? In NYC it is (or at least was) literally a daily event that a dozen or so nutcases would stand in Times Square spouting black nationalist nonsense. Has a NY governor ever bothered to condemn them?!

    “Not getting involved” and “AMputtingonHaRITZ” both claim the police should have stopped it. They are advocating fascism.

    The disgusting liar Yaacov Doe opens his fillthy mouth again to claim that these people are DeSantis’s base! You are a rasha, a slanderer and a Shim’i ben Gera, without the Torah learning Shim’i possessed.

    “Crazykanoi” likewise, as is his normal way, fills his mouth with disgusting lies against President Trump. Ki yisocher pi dovrei shoker. May the mouths of those who speak falsehoods be blocked!

    “Philosopher” seems to think there is something “right-wing” about these people. There’s no basis for that. You have no idea how they vote, or what they think about politics. Remember that the LaRouche cult and the Phelps family are both Democrats.

    HaKatan, they may know; they don’t care. This isn’t about the truth. It’s all about drawing attention to themselves.

    Uncle Mo, Jews are very welcome in Orlando. These people aren’t from Orlando. What’s more, wherever they are from, I can almost guarantee that Jews are welcome there too.

    Adar 29, you are wrong. There is NO antisemitism in the Republican Party. It is not welcome there and it is not tolerated. Whereas in the Democrat Party the antisemites make no effort to hide, and yet are openly celebrated and elevated to the highest ranks. The House Democrats even refused to censure Ilhan Omar’s antisemitic statements.

    And those who think this is a message to go to Israel! Seriously?! In America these are a dozen nutcases whom every one ignores. In Israel there are about a million nazis, who share these people’s views and are willing to act on it! There are many reasons to live in Eretz Yisroel, but physical safety and lack of antisemitism are not among them.