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Lev Tahor Cultists Being Forced Out of Bosnia

Bosnian authorities are on the verge of kicking 37 members of the Lev Tahor cult out of their country, the latest blow to the demented “Jewish Taliban” cultists.

The three dozen Lev Tahor adherents are believed to have arrived in Bosnia-Herzegovina in November 2021, where they have been living quietly while trying to stay under the radar.

Despite not having knowingly broken any laws, Human Rights and Refugees Minister Milos Lucic announced on Tuesday that 24 Lev Tahor members were being forced to leave the country on February 5th, and the rest of the group will follow on February 20th.

This latest shunning is nothing new for Lev Tahor. The group has been accused of numerous crimes against humanity, including kidnapping and forced child marriages, and have spent the last few decades searching for a country that is willing to accept them and their twisted beliefs.

Many of the cultists have been tossed from the United States, Canada, Guatemala, and Mexico in recent years. They have also tried to get asylum in Iran, though their plan to get to the Islamist country fell apart when they were deported from Iraq to Turkey.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. YWN why do you continue to beat a dead horse with this lev tahor stuff?? We get it you don’t like them you disagree with everything they do but does your opinion need to be evident in every article?? Your a news organisation. Can’t you just report the facts? Your worse fake news than cnn. At least they try to camouflage they’re opinions. You come right out with them. FAKE NEWS!!

  2. Where can we Yiddin keep the Torah without being forced to compromise observance based on the perversions of the goyim (or Yiddin imitating goyim) that surround us? Where can we Yiddin go to avoid pritzus? If the Zionist establishment hadn’t ruined our ability to be hosted in Muslim countries, perhaps we could go there… I admittedly have no idea what goes on in this group. I am not going to pretend I know either because I don’t actually, nor do any of you. But, when you stigmatize Yiddin for marrying at ages that they are legal adults according to the legal system and tradition you inherited, the Torah, does that mean you have gone in their laws? What about the modest dress of women offends you? Do you respect goyish ideals more than Hashem’s? It would be one thing if you sought to avoid violation of goyish laws to avoid any problems with goyim, but the problem is deeper: you actually believe in their authority. I remember when I was post-pubescent, a biological adult, and was being forced to attend a goyish “educational” institution, still being treated like a child in the most humiliating and undignified way by “teachers” I now recognize as perverts. That felt wrong to me then, and it infuriates me and implicates many Yiddin that the problem has not been solved since. In an ideal world, I do not doubt my maturity would have been recognized, and I could have started a family before years of abusive, humiliating treatment of the goyish variety. I honestly believe I was more mature at age 13 than the typical goyish parent who waited until their mid-30s to start families. What would your great great grandparents, who probably conceived your great grandparents as teens, think if they saw you infantizing your own sons and daughters usually in some perverted dynamics in imitation of goyim? Would they be proud? I just have to keep telling myself that the righteous will inherit the world to come, however few they may be relative to the rest.

  3. @Shmendrick
    “I admittedly have no idea what goes on in this group. I am not going to pretend I know either because I don’t actually, nor do any of you”

    Speak for yourself. There are ex-Lev Tahor members who tell us exactly what goes on in this cult. Besides the reports of journalists and police.

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