MORE HATE: Swastikas Spray-Painted on School Buses in Williamsburg


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Frum Jews in Williamsburg were the victim of yet another hate crime on Sunday when a suspect spray-painted swastikas on multiple school buses at Division Avenue and Rodney Street.

The incident comes just a day after multiple chasidim were victimized in unprovoked attacks over Shabbos.

The NYPD’s 90th Precinct, Hate Crimes Task Force, and Williamsburg Shomrim are investigating the incident and seeking to identify the suspect in this case.

“I am angry & heartbroken by two more anti-Semitic, violent incidents in our community over Shabbos,” Councilman Lincoln Restler wrote on Twitter. “A man was violently struck upside the head in Bed Stuy by Marcy & Myrtle. Swastikas & other graffiti were spray painted on yeshiva school bus in Williamsburg by Division & Rodney.”

The ADL wrote on Twitter “We are horrified that yeshiva school buses clearly marked in Yiddish could be vandalized in such a way with hateful symbols, especially on the same day that we found two Jewish men to have been assaulted in the area. NY must be a safe heaven for all and this hate must stop!

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I’m sure that must’ve been done by all white supremacists living in Brooklyn… not. Plus, the Leftist ADL is part of the problem. Why won’t they specifically call out black on Jew crime?

  2. It doesn’t answer the horrific antisemitism but why aren’t these busses parked in a lit? The NYSOPT gives the mosdos $1,000 per bus each month for parking! Hmmmmm! Could it be….?

  3. What’s everyone getting all worked up about? Kathy Hochul is keeping all New Yorkers safe by forcing little children to wear their disposable masks properly while they eat their snacks at recess. Attorney General Letitia James is keeping us all safe by pouring over former President Trump’s personal tax returns dating back to 1978. Perhaps the IRS missed something. There is nothing as threatening to New Yorkers as those dangerous deadly Trump tax returns! You pesky Jews should be proud to have such unelected officials keeping you safe!