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WATCH: Curious Locals Speak To Lev Tahor Members At Their Latest Stop -NORTH MACEDONIA!

In their latest destination in their recent wanderings in the Balkan area of southeast Europe, a group of Lev Tahor members is now residing in North Macedonia.

As YWN reported, Lev Tahor members left Bosnia a week and a half ago and briefly crossed into Montenegro before continuing to Albania.

Apparently, they weren’t granted permission to stay in Albania and crossed into neighboring North Macedonia, where they are now temporarily residing. Their strange attire has attracted much attention from their neighbors, who have been videoing the Lev Tahor members and posting them on social media along with footage of group members from security cameras.

In one video posted on Monday, locals can be heard trying to engage one of the Lev Tahor members in conversation, asking him in English: “Do you work? Do you study?” The Lev Tahor member can be heard responding that “we came here to visit,” but the rest of the conversation is drowned out by the loud voices of the locals speaking to each other.

The locals have apparently done their online research because as the Lev Tahor member turns to go back inside, one of the locals asks him: “You’re Lev Tahor, right?” The Lev Tahor member doesn’t respond and heads toward the door, where another Lev Tahor member beckons him to come back in.



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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

11 Responses

  1. What ? No body’s cares that our Tzdakas are going for this ? Our money for this ?
    There is someone in BP collecting money for this Monkeys Adventures and plus another in Guatemala Central America.
    He calls himself “Big Askan” Chananya Shulom Mendelovicz or his real name Robert … be aware !!!

  2. Or Chudosh in Guatemala , Or chudosh Tapachula and Puebla in Mexico are affiliated to Lev Tahor actually leading by Yaakov Rosner , there is 2 collector’s living in chanan shulom mendelovicz in BP house
    Be aware many drivers in NY are working with them !!! Many Goyim Christian are sending funds …

  3. @YankyFlitchskin The ” Big Askan” and his supporters in Monsey, Yeshivat Torat David and his big buddy. The so called “Rosh Yeshiva” Chaim Rennert from Yeshivat Derech Chaim, Boro Park, New York.
    Seriously, you are proud of what you are doing?
    What kind of Zadikim they are, using their follow Jews from weaker and poorer placses like Guatemala and East Europe/Ucrania? You are not ashamed?


  4. Poverty rate among Jewish people in many countries of East Europe are horrible high: East European counties like Germany, Ucrania, Poland, Romania is more than 50 % and your donation goes to this ” Disneyland Jews”. Jewish people in this countries are supported by this Notzrim ……… No words really no words

  5. With supported I mean: They are dependent on the donation of Notzrim, that they have food and survive. You not believe I invite you to Ucrania or Poland…………to see it with your own eyes

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