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WATCH THIS: Failed Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren in MELTDOWN Mode!

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren was in an apoplectic rage Tuesday afternoon as she practically yelled at reporters about her anger over the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Roe v. Wade.

“I am angry,” she said while on her way to join a pro-abortion protest outside the Supreme Court. “Angry and upset and determined.”

“They have been out here plotting, carefully cultivating these Supreme Court justices so they could have a majority on the bench who would accomplish something that the majority of Americans do not want,” Warren said.

“I am angry,” she said again at the protest. “I am here because I am angry, and I am here because the United States Congress can change all of this! Angry, but committed.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Umm… Of course she’s emotional and outraged.
    Why shouldn’t she be?

    Whether one agrees with her politics in general or on Roe v Wade in particular, everything she said is factually correct.

  2. This TREASONOUS America hating Marxist creature, has the morals and brains of a rabies infected sewer rat, just like that brain dead zombie takin up space in the White House

  3. You Elizabeth are a low life bum mass murderer plotting to kill innocent embryos. How dare you!! Watch your temper Elizabeth.
    Thank you Dear Republicans for hopefully getting to the great day of liberating innocent embryos from mass murders & from mass murderers.

  4. Pocahontas Warren hasn’t been committed yet, but she ought to be. Where are the men in white coats with the straight jacket?

  5. No, Shlomo, what she said is not factually correct. Nothing she has said in her entire career is factually correct; her career has been built on fraud.

  6. The Supreme Court has done nothing to make abortion illegal. They’re just saying it’s not a federal issue, it’s a state issue. If the majority wants it….. too bad, it’s a republic, not a pure democracy. And if the majority can convince the representatives to make it law, then it will be.

    Too bad for the embryos who don’t have a choice. The discussion focuses are the fact that feminists want to make believe that they can do whatever they want without consequences, so abortion must be a “right.”

  7. Someone who was a victim of abuse should legally(I didnt say halachically) be allowed to abort
    But someone who can’t support another child, so wants to abort? Go get some birth control.
    And if you really want to kill your baby, come to Israel
    Unfortunately, it seems to be totally legal here

  8. She’s either ignorant or she corrupt. Probably both!

    Reversing Roe vs Wade just reverts the law back to the States to decide. It does not make abortion illegal!

    (BTW – wondering how many “Indian” babies she herself has killed?)

  9. Try yelling like that about a Democrat !!! Typical Democrat behavior !!! Elect Candace Owens . Oh , she’s an “Uncle Tom ” . The Blacks won’t go for that .

  10. Meltdown? Seriously? Oh please! She got angry like any of us who gets angry. I wish you would stop your exaggerated headlines. We may not agree with her, but we don’t have to turn her into a madwoman. So unprofessional.

  11. ” Republicans plotting”…. I wish they were that competent. This Supreme Court majority fell into their laps by the grace of God. And with incompetent picks like nincompoop wimp Justice Roberts, and even a lukewarm one like Kavanaugh, they just barely made it there.

  12. The Dems lost the “bodily autonomy” as soon they mandated mRNA jabs. They showed they have no regard for “my body, my choice”.

  13. This is a good sign!

    I’ve been thinking and saying for a couple of months now that because of the SCOTUS decision on Roe v. Wade due right before the midterm elections, the Republican takeback of Congress is in jeopardy. The thinking is that right when it’s time to vote, and many on-the-fence voters are ready to pull the Right handle due to all the Left nonsense that’s been going on, the sudden very recent “reminder” about why they really don’t like Republicans (ie the abortion issue) will cause them to pull the Left handle.

    But the only reason this logic has merit is because the SCOTUS decision comes right before the election, when it will be very fresh in the minds of our fellow flea-brained Americans. Now, however, that it has, thanks to some misguided “leaker”, hit the fan in May, 2-3 months earlier and well before the midterms, one can assume that the largely short-memoried (ie flea-brained) US population will have mostly forgotten the “pain” of the abortion ruling, and it will be business as usual.

    So rant and rave onward, Pocahontas! Get it out of your system now, while it matters not at all, so that at election time, when it could matter, you’ll be busy promoting Transgender ideology or something else important.

  14. Really stupid and childish headline. Will every Trump nonsensical and lying rant at a MAGA rally be headlined””
    “Failed Republican Presidential Candidate in Another Meltdown”

  15. Too bad her mother didn’t abort her. All those big talkers I don’t think would have wanted it to happen to them. She’s playing on people’s emotions. This has noting to do with protecting victoms, rather it has to do with hafkerus and more hefkerus.

  16. To: Gadolhadorah

    looks like you voted for the dems.
    why did your mother have you.
    and i guess you dont have kids

  17. “stability of law” had little issue with every state outlawing abortion from the foundation of the country until 1970

    The first state to overturn was NY by one vote

  18. Since when is it egregious and tyrannical to curtail government sponsored murder of innocents? States still get to murder on demand and every pro-life law has exceptions to save the mother’s life

  19. @ The Real Truth, what a disgusting comment! Someone disagrees with the stupid headline or with you and they are immediately labeled a democrat and NOT WORTHY OF BEING BORN and not having children?!? How low can you go?? Can’t you just disagree? And as I said in a previous comment, the headline is stupid and exaggerated. (I voted for Trump even though he’s an idiot. My mother loves me and I have 30 grandchildren KA”H.)

  20. I am 90% Sure that she took something in before she when out on her mission…(marijuana or something like that)
    she looks simply Dunked! look how she cant walk straight and her staff has to help her she shouldn’t full down.

    What are your thoughts?? do you agree to me??

  21. The following charts show how as I said she’s trying to play on people’s emotions. This is not a victim issue the the great majority of the time. As I said and as we all know this is all about hefkeirus.
    In 2004, the Guttmacher Institute anonymously surveyed 1,209 post-abortive women from nine different abortion clinics across the country. Of the women surveyed, 957 provided a main reason for having an abortion. This table lists each reason and the percentage of respondents who chose it.
    Percentage Reason
    <0.5% Victim of rape
    3% Fetal health problems
    4% Physical health problems
    4% Would interfere with education or career
    7% Not mature enough to raise a child
    8% Don't want to be a single mother
    19% Done having children
    23% Can't afford a baby
    25% Not ready for a child
    6% Other
    The state of Florida records a reason for every abortion that occurs within its borders each year. In 2020, there were 74,868 abortions in Florida. This table lists each reason and the percentage of abortions that occurred because of it.
    Percentage Reason
    0.01% The pregnancy resulted from an incestuous relationship
    0.15% The woman was raped
    0.20% The woman's life was endangered by the pregnancy
    0.98% There was a serious fetal abnormality
    1.48% The woman's physical health was threatened by the pregnancy
    1.88% The woman's psychological health was threatened by the pregnancy
    20.4% The woman aborted for social or economic reasons
    74.9% No reason (elective)

  22. @lakewoodbubby he is not a dem he voted for the dems.

    (I voted for Trump even though he’s an _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .)

    who is the idiot ???!? lkwd dem.

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