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5-Year-Old Child Involved in Friday’s MVA Is Niftar

candle722.gif2:25PM EST: Misaskim has just informed YWN of the Petira of 5-year-old Mordechai Alter Ben Chana Milka Herzog – who was involved in a serious car accident on Friday afternoon (reported HERE on YWN).

The accident (overturned vehicle) occurred on Friday afternoon on the Saw Mill River Parkway in New Castle, NY (Westchester County), near Roaring Brook Road.

A total of four family members had been transported to Westchester Trauma Center, in Valhalla NY – and their conditions are no known at this time to YWN.

The Levaya information will be posted when it becomes available to us.

Boruch Dayan Emmes……

(YWN Sullivan County News Desk)

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  1. What comment can one possibly say on such an undescribable tragedy such as this!

    Am Yisroel must improve its derech eretz and kovod shomayim among the umos h’alom into to bring Moshiach in our tzeiten. Only with this yeshua, will there come an end to tzores in Klal Yisroel.

  2. I know the couple they are a very heimishe chasidishe couple living in Monsey.

    I think we all have to make TESHUVAH and lets hope that hashem will be mechazek his parents and we wont here any more these kind of stories.

  3. So sad for the family and k’lal Yisroel. We must improve our deeds,our ethics ,not only our Torah study,but also its observance including the day-to-day interactions with each other,in his z’chus.
    ברוך דין האמת ה’ נתן וה’ לקח

  4. I was at this accident on Friday. I gave out my towels for the children to lay on as they were pulled out of the car. I am crying now over learning what I hoped wouldn’t happen.

    Can anyone give me information about contacting the family, what they need for their other children, etc.

    My thoughts are with this family and those who knew the family personally.

  5. Chai Lifeline was probably called, Misaskim and Project Chai work together. Kudos to the two amazing organizations!

  6. My heart goes out to this family. No parents especially such young ones, should be going through this. Hashem should comfort them.

    Let’s not forget this little boys classmates, they have to be exposed to such a tragedy at such a young age. May Hashem help them.

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