Christie Is Back In The Game For 2016, Pollster Says


christie bridgeNew Jersey Gov. Chris Christie turned everything around in the first few minutes of his press conference Wednesday morning. While pundits – including myself – rushed to announce the end of his presidential campaign in 2016, hindered by the revelations about the emails surfing in the Ft. Lee scandal, Mr. Christie put himself in the box with two words: “I apologize.”

The Ft. Lee scandal, reportedly, using a traffic jam to punish a Democratic rival undermines Mr. Christie’s front-runner image as a bipartisan leader that moderate Republicans can rely on as an alternative to the crazy talkers on the right hand side of the Party seeking the nomination for President.

“The episode is tricky for Mr. Christie and his aides. His cantankerous manner and independent streak are essential to his White House ambitions; advisers view them as an asset in early primary states like New Hampshire that have a history of embracing blunt-talking politicians,” NY Times’ Michael Barbaro wrote.

Now there is a new worry: that what once seemed like a refreshing forcefulness may come off as misguided bullying.

But GOP pollster Kellyanne Conway told The Washington Examiner that Christie is likely to survive the affair, but would not be the only one standing at that side of the aisle.

“Although an ‘in-the-dark-about-Bridgegate’ Christie will be fine, other candidates who share space with him in the center-right of the political spectrum may sense an opening. That could include Gov. Jeb Bush who, like Christie, is a media favorite and supports some pro-immigrant reforms and Common Core. The real test now will be how these candidates now fare in early polls in early primary and caucus states and whether the donors who have lined up behind Christie will stay superglued to him or look around for an alternative.”

After watching Christie’s – still ongoing for over 90 minutes – press conference, done without a Teleprompter and mostly without notes, she said said that the governor should be able to move on because his performance hit the right tone.

“He just solidified his spot as a 2016 frontrunner,” she said noting how different his press conference was compared to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s defense following the Benghazi incident. “Hillary never has and never could hold a presser like this, devoid of ‘uhs’ and dodges and filled with raw emotion, humility, apology and resolve. She should have hired Chris Christie to coach her before the Benghazi hearing,” said Ms. Conway.

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. “She should have hired Chris Christie to coach her before the Benghazi hearing”
    You can’t coach honesty and genuine emotion.

  2. Christie “bridge scandal”– 2 fired, Christie apologizes

    Obama “NSA scandal–no one fired, found out thru media. No apology

    Obama “IRS scandal”–no one fired, found out thru media. No apology

    Obama “Obamacare website scandal”– no one fired. Obama apologizes.

    Obama “Benghazi scandal”. no one fired, Obama blames it on video. No apology.

    Christie fires two employee in less than a month. Obama has fired nobody in six years…

  3. This is a President waiting to happen. Exactly what we’ve needed for a generation from either party. I’m behind him in 2016, unless Moshiach comes first. He’s a person who can undo the mess that Obama’s given us — as well as those Christie is blindsided into in his own right.