KASHRUS ALERT: JetBlue Sued by Kof-K in New Jersey Over Using Its Logo for Uncertified Snack


Kof-K has sued JetBlue Airways in federal court, saying the airline has been unlawfully using its logo to advertise food as kosher despite Kof-K not certifying them.

Specifically, the lawsuit filed against JetBlue states that the airline sells an artichoke snack as certified by Kof-K; the kashrus organization says it has never certified any of JetBlue’s products, nor has it given permission for the airline to use its trademark.

JetBlue’s menu lists artichoke snacks in its “Mediterranean-inspired snackbox” as being “Kosher certified by KOF-K Kosher Supervision.”

The lawsuit accuses JetBlue of infringing and diluting its trademark, as well as committing consumer fraud under New Jersey law.

Kof-K is asking the court for unspecific monetary damages from JetBlue, as well as forcing the airline to pull its logo off the uncertified product.

A JetBlue spokesman said the company is investigating the situation.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Do they realize this lawsuit could threaten JB’s effort to acquire spirit airlines???? Yidden were hoping that JB could close the deal and take them out of their misery flying to Florida on spirit.

  2. Why is this a kashrus alert?
    There’s no dispute about the snack being kosher and supervised by khuf-K.
    It’s just a technical legal issue about Jet Blue using their trademark.

  3. YWN is late to the party. This was removed from JetBlue’s website, Sunday night, by around 6:30.

    The items were represented as being kosher by KOF – K on the website however, that is no longer. KOF – K must have been in touch with JetBlue many times to cease and desist because lawsuits are not just simply filed on a whim. Glad to see JetBlue finally woke up and remove the false information from their website.

  4. Shlomo 2

    You always talk not knowing what you are talking about?

    The item in question was never certified by KOF-K! In fact the item is one that KOF-K would probably not certify. The item happens to be kosher certified by an agency however, let’s just say one can do a boatload better when choosing agencies. המבין יבין

    Kof-K was right in filing the lawsuit once JetBlue didn’t cooperate by removing any mention of KOF-K.

  5. wow. I know there’s a taayvah to speak loshon hara…
    …But to lose all your Olam Haba slandering a reputable hechsher… \
    I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem worth it to me. Even if you only had a few Mitzvos to your name, you would’ve gotten Schar after 120, that lasts forever!

    remind me not to hire you as a stockbroker.

  6. Hi, Jersey Jew.
    When clarifying issues and offering corrections, do you always precede it with a personal insult?
    Would your erudite post have been any less erudite and informative had you left out the “shtuch”?

    Let’s just say one can do a boatload better when offering corrections. המבין יבין

  7. The item in question is NOT certified by Kof-K, and would not be certified by any reliable agency. The “organization” (really one person) who certifies it is not regarded as reliable by pretty much anyone. As far as I can tell artichokes are the only thing he certifies, because the manufacturers can’t find anyone else willing to do so.

  8. I apologize jersey Jew. I misread your comment as talking about Chof-k. i have no information about the peru-k hechsher other than its not on the cRc’s list, or on kosherquest.org’s list.
    you should be Gebentched.