Report: Iranian On Seized Plane In Argentina Had Photos Of “Aircraft Aimed At Israel”

Police officers stand in the Plaza Central Hotel during a judicial raid where the crew of a Venezuelan-owned Boeing 747 cargo plane are staying, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tuesday, June 14, 2022.(AP Photo/Gustavo Garello); The pilot of the plane has been identified as General Gholamreza Qasemi, formerly the head of the Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Aerospace Force and a key figure in shipping arms to Iranian proxies in Syria.

Gerardo Milman, a member of the Argentine National Congress,  told Iran International last week that the Iranians aboard the Venezuelan plane seized in Buenos Aires two weeks ago planned “attacks on human targets” and that photos of “aircraft aimed at Israel’ was found on the pilot’s phone.

Milman confirmed that the pilot was “a senior Quds official, a member of the Ministry of Intelligence,” adding that the co-pilot on the plane was “even more problematic.”

Milman slammed Argentina’s President Alberto Fernandez, security ministry and intelligence chief for attempting to whitewash “the Venezuelan-Iranian intelligence operation …[as] an air training operation” and ignoring the material found on the pilot’s phone: “photos of missiles, aircrafts aimed at Israel, photos of war material aimed at confronting Israel in order to commit terrorist acts in the state of Israel.”

Milman said that the Argentinian government is aligning itself with the “the Caracas-Tehran-Moscow regime,” saying that there is a “Venezuelan-Iranian intelligence operation that includes several elements in the region.”

He added that Venezuela and Tehran cooperate on manufacturing armed drones and noted that the governor of a state in Venezuela where drones were made is now the ambassador to Argentina.

“The truth is that everything has a very accurate correlation,” he said. “My idea is that Iran seeks to consolidate with the Argentine government this trilogy with the regime of Caracas and with the regime of Teheran.” Milman believes that the plan provides “absolute proof that financing cells operate with respect to the Hezbollah situation.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


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