INSANE FOOTAGE: Family’s Fireworks Party Goes Awfully Wrong [VIDEO]


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A family was lucky to escape with their lives after an entire box of fireworks rockets exploded on their front lawn during a party, causing everyone to scatter in terror.

The incident, which occurred on July 4th, was all caught by a home security camera, and is so morbidly picture-perfect that SimpliSafe, the company that makes the camera, had to put out a statement stating that it wasn’t a publicity stunt for the company.

As seen in the footage, when the first firework goes off, the family screams in a mixture of fear and surprise, with a mother moving her baby away, and a young child yelps as he’s apparently hit by an exploding shell.

Seemingly thinking that the explosions were done, the family remains on the lawn, but then all chaos breaks loose. A shell is seen igniting a fire in the driveway behind a van, causing a chain explosion of all the boxed fireworks, resulting in a gargantuan explosion that sends the family fleeing as more rockets explode behind them.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)