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GETTING READY: DeSantis to Attend GOP Megadonor Fundraiser as 2024 Speculation Heats Up

With speculation of a presidential bid by Ron DeSantis soaring, the popular Florida governor will be attending a fundraiser with GOP megadonors later this month, further fueling discussion of his possible 2024 plans.

DeSantis will head to Utah the week of July 18 for the private fundraiser, ostensibly to raise money for his 2022 gubernatorial reelection campaign. However, visits to Utah – which lies more than 2,000 miles from Florida – often hints at a candidate’s national aspirations.

A DeSantis spokeswoman declined to discuss the planned visit, saying his campaign doesn’t “discuss private fundraising events with members of the press.”

While he hasn’t announced any plans to run for president, DeSantis has done something nearly as remarkable – he hasn’t ruled it out. When asked in a Fox News interview whether he would be willing to get into a primary fight with Donald Trump, DeSantis responded coyly, “Nice try, man.”

According to an individual helping organize the event, numerous Republican megadonors from across the country will be on hand at the fundraiser.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. If Trump decides to endorse (or at least, not run and say nice things about DeSantis), he will have the inside track for the 2024 nomination. Remember that Florida is now the third largest state (have grown larger than New York), and he has experience winning elections. While DeSantis doesn’t share the substance and tone of some of Trump’s best know positions (isolationism, nativism, being rude on purpose in public), he is mainstream enough to appeal to the “Reagan” Republicans, and especially with Trump’s support could hold on to Trump’s “deplorable” (populist, working class) base.

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