ACLU Professor Urges Those With ‘A Jewish-Sounding Name’ To Lobby Senators Against Iran Bill


A UCLA professor is urging those who “have a Jewish-sounding name” to lobby their senators against the new bipartisan bill that would level sanctions if Iran fails to comply with the Geneva agreement.

Mark Kleiman (born to a Jewish family, according to Wikipedia), a professor of Public Policy at the UCLA School of Public Affairs, writes in a blog post published Wednesday that Jewish voters are key to convince the now growing number of Senators to drop their support of the bipartisan bill on Iran.

“If you’re a constituent of, of contributor to, Mark Begich (Alaska), Michael Bennet (CO), Richard Blumenthal (Conn.), Cory Booker (N.J), Ben Cardin (Md.), Bob Casey Jr. (Pa.), Chris Coons (Del.), Joe Donnelly (Ind.) Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.), Kay Hagan (N.C.), Mary Landrieu (La.), Joe Manchin (W.Va.), Bob Menendez (N.J.), Mark Pryor (Ark.),Charles Schumer (N.Y.), or Mark Warner (Va.), please consider making a phone call or sending a fax or email telling that Senator to back off the lunatic piece of warmongering legislation known as the Kirk-Menendez bill, designed to torpedo the nuclear deal with Iran. As of now, they’re all co-sponsoring it. Please consider making your voice heard especially strongly if you’re Jewish, or have a Jewish-sounding name.”

The blog post provided readers with a form of letter that should be sent.

Dear Senator X:
President Obama and Secretary Kerry seem to have pulled off a diplomatic miracle by negotiating Iran out of its nuclear-weapons program. Please refrain from making their job harder.
Very truly yours,

When asked by The Washington Free Beacon’s Adam Kredo to describe the “Jewish-sounding name” call, Mr. Kleiman lashed out at those supporting the bill, cultivated by billionaire Sheldon Adelson’d warchest.

“There’s a carefully cultivated misimpression that warmongering with respect to Iran is popular with Jewish voters, while in fact it’s popular only with Sheldon Adelson,” Kleiman wrote via email. “So it’s especially important for politicians to hear from Jewish constituents who prefer the good outcome offered by the Obama/Kerry approach to the bad one sure to result by deliberately torpedoing an amazing diplomatic success.”

“Because – given the false impression cultivated by Adelson’s money – an email from someone named Shapiro has a surprise factor not generated by the same email from someone named O’Hara,” Kleiman asserted.

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. History repeats itself.

    Just like “Rabbi” Stephen Wise had Jewish Blood on his hands during the Holocaust by suppressing Jewish opposition to FDR’s indifference towards genocide of European Jews, so will these liberal Reform/Democrat kapos be responsible.

  2. Knowing where this alleged Jew teach’s and their extreme lefties ties this is no surprise to back our socialist president. It’s time we lobby chucky schumer to remember he needs our voted vote for sanctions against Iran.

  3. This is just in from Shiksa with Jewish-sounding last name:

    Feinstein: ‘We Cannot Let Israel Determine When and Where the United States Goes to War’