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Former NYPD Commissioner: Dems May Try to Assassinate Donald Trump to Stop 2024 Run [VIDEO]

While everyone is focused on the legal and political ramifications of the FBI executing a search warrant at Donald Trump’s residence and office in Mar-a-Lago, former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik says there’s an even more worrying scenario that could play out: the attempted assassination of the former president.

Kerik was interviewed Monday by Newsmax following the raid and said that he is concerned that Trump’s very life is in grave danger.

“If you remember back in 2016, right before he got elected, I was in Washington D.C. I was at a couple of different social events, and I hear people talking, they said the Democrats want this guy so bad that they wouldn’t put assassination behind it. And I’m gonna tell you something: They’ve tried impeachment, they’ve tried another impeachment, they’ve tried one investigation after another,” Kerik told host Eric Bolling.

“This is about one thing: this is about stopping him from running in 2024. And I’m gonna tell you something, I’m not into conspiracies, I’m not into anti-government rhetoric. This is the first time in my lifetime that I would say I am deathly afraid for Donald Trump. I would not put assassination behind these people.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. If Trump died, not to mention murdered by someone from the political left, it would be a win-win situation for the Republicans. They could have all the benefits of Trump on the ticket (e.g. support from Trump’s “deplorable” base) with the liabilities (dislike of Trump by the conservatives, neocons, business community, Reaganites and Tea Party Republicans).

  2. I’m sure he relies on a lot more than the secret service . The problem is that he might need to be afraid OF the intelligence agencies. Trumps looking good and his haters are obviously not hating him any less

  3. It’s amazing that there are so many republicans stating that this is “obviously” a political attack without having seen ANY evidence from either side! If Trump did nothing wrong, do you think that the Democrats would be that stupid to commit political suicide?

  4. After the salacious democRATS having commissioned the Wuham lab to infect/infest pollthe world with Corona just to steal the elections in 2020 when President Donald Trump שליט”א was doing do well, I am not putting anything beyond the evil caliber of the wicked democRATS

  5. the logical practical way they would try to get rid of him is to get an ss agent to get rid of him and thats the biggest danger he faces as they are supposedly their to protect him and he cant be sure whos friend and whos foe herein lies the problem
    its blatantly apparent to anyone and everyone they are trying pulling out all the stops to make sure hes not a candidate for 2024
    i think the DEMS=(power that be calling the shots in washington now) went to far with this move as this will rally all the republicans on the fence to now support him i wouldnt be surprised if this is reflected in the upcoming polls

  6. Politics can get dirty. The DemocRATs are desperate. Trump needs to hire Israeli agents who are frum. You can’t trust secular ones. The only Jews who stood by him are the Orthodox Jews. We came to Washington to help him in the rally. Some are facing jail time for entering the Congress. Heimisha and chassidisha fellows. We must remember he is our friend and we will support him despite the opposition by the reform heretical sects.

  7. Participant, talk about missing the boat. All political killings are called assassinations. You can literally Google the word. You only care if a president is murdered, not a potential presidential candidate? Sounds like Russian style politics to me. Just kill the opposition before they get elected and all is good.

  8. @square good thing you raised the issue about missing the boat…….I never wrote, implied, thought, or otherwise engaged in agreement that killing a potential presidential candidate is better than killing a president. Like never.

    In regard to the part of ur post that didn’t miss the boat, You are right in the literal sense of the word, but I think in practice people don’t use it that way. (The same can be said for “impeach,” too…..)

  9. The most recent meshugas from the clown show of Kerick, Crazy Rudy etc. who seem to sink deeper into their dark world of conspiracy theories daily. As distinct from this bizarre assassination scenario, its more likely, we will hear about some a coronary issue linked to his daily diet of big-mac and fries. I’m sure he already has a lovely spot picked out off the first tee at Bedminster Golf Club next to Ivana which will reduce the Trump Group’s real estate tax assessment under NJ law. In the interim, they are still coming out with new reasons why he took over a dozen boxes containing classified documents with him from the WH rather than transferring them to the national archives as required by law.

  10. Surely Hugo Chavez is the real threat. And he is not a Democrat. He is a member of the USPV since 2007. Frederick Douglass has been doing really, really wonderful things lately, but Chavez has not. He must be stopped!

  11. We are not supposed to love the repub’s nor hate the dem’s. We are in Golus, and Yakov Aveinu told us before heading down to exile in Egypt: “Lama Tisraooe”, why show off? ie, keep a low profile when you are among the nations. So let’s not get to carried away into politics. There’s enough anti-Semitism from ALL sides and the less noise we make, the less antisemitism.

  12. the Democrats are evil…Baby Sqirrel has it right…..they are not only evil the percentage of jews wishing evil in this party is enough to create another flood, just to include them

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