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WATCH: In First, Gov’t Member Visits Moishe Kleinerman’s Parents

A member of the Bennett-Lapid government visited the Kleinerman home in Modiin Illit for the first time on Monday, the 135th day since Moishe’s disappearance.

Culture Minister Chili Tropper (Blue and White) spoke with the Kleinermans and reassured them, saying: “You’re not alone. I’ll do everything I can to try to recruit additional people to search for Moishe.”

He also empathized with their pain, saying that as a father, “what broke my heart is to know that for 19 Shabatot, you’ve set a plate for him in the hope that he’ll appear.”

Moishe’s mother Gitty thanked Tropper for his concern and requested that he use his influence with Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Prime Minister Yair Lapid to become involved in the search.

“In another month, our son Shlomo will be celebrating his Bar Mitzvah and he wants to celebrate with his beloved brother Moishe,” Gitty added. “I request that you do everything you can to find him.”

Sadly, the police investigation into Moishe’s disappearance has reached a dead-end.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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