Biggest Gaming Trends in 2022


Almost everyone today has a preferred digital game. Once upon a time, a deck of cards and board games were the focus of a gaming night. But today, many people game on a console, PC, or mobile device. With social features embedded in most games, it’s about gathering in a virtual space.

Each year, developers around the world release brand new titles and updates for their most popular games. Unsurprisingly, these games push the envelope when it comes to technology. They load quicker, have fewer bugs, feature high-def graphics, and have more elaborate stakes than ever before.

Keep reading for more of the industry’s biggest trends this year.


Casino Games on the Rise

For decades, casino gaming has been one of the most popular hobbies worldwide. From Macau to Vegas, people enjoy slots, blackjack, roulette, and more. However, in the last decade, top casinos have launched online platforms—and slots have quickly become a top priority for players.

Those looking to find the best slot games 2022 can shop around on a variety of casino platforms. The best slots offer an RPT of 97% or more, along with features like wild symbols, bonus rounds, and double-or-nothing offers.


Casual Mobile Games Bringing in New Generations

Back in the 1980s and 90s, video games were the domain of younger generations who stayed stuck to their TV screen. Today, expanded network connections mean that anyone can access their favorite title straight from their smartphone—casual mobile titles included.

According to TechJury, almost 60% of all mobile games are casual, with titles falling into a variety of subcategories. These include puzzle games like Candy Crush along with farm simulators like Stardew Valley. The emphasis is on relaxation over competition, which has made casual mobile gaming popular for older generations.


Cloud Gaming Garners Interest

Gaming requires a lot of hardware… or, at least, it used to. Traditionally, console and PC gamers had to purchase a physical copy of their game in order to load it. However, companies like Microsoft and Sony are now looking to curb these demands by launching cloud gaming platforms.

The idea is simple: stream a game to a device rather than purchasing and downloading the title. Cloud gaming platforms will function similar to a Netflix subscription, allowing gamers to access and stream titles for a certain period of time or under a certain subscription tier.

However, while some top companies are looking to integrate cloud gaming into their subscription models, it’s been slow going as technical challenges mount. These include latency considerations, data security, and hardware limitations.


Indie Developers Stepping into the Light

Typically, only companies with expansive resources have released top video games. Today, companies like Blizzard and Tencent continue to deliver on some of the industry’s top titles, including World of Warcraft and PUBG, respectively. However, indie developers are also on the rise.

Today, it’s easier than ever to find high-quality video games from small-scale indie developers. In fact, YouTube is now one of the top resources to discover new titles, along with Reddit and Warp Door. One company,, offers a monthly subscription package that highlights indie games.