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WATCH THIS: In Boro Park Williamsburg Visit, Lee Zeldin Slams Lax Response to Hate Crimes, Mounts Staunch Defense of Yeshivas

On a visit to Williamsburg on Sunday, Republican gubernatorial candidate Rep. Lee Zeldin slammed New York City and the state for its lackadaisical approach to dealing with rising antisemitic crime, and staunchly defended yeshivas in the wake of the Board of Regents’ vote on substantial equivalency standards.

On antisemitic attacks Zeldin said: “This isn’t happening once a month or even once a week. We’re getting tired of seeing this day after day after day. It’s important for all of us to have religious freedom protected, for us to be able to walked these streets, to ride a subway, without fear of being attacked.”

“It’s not just on our streets,” he continued, “but also in our schools where we are being targeted with antisemitism and raw, violent hate. The State Education Dept. was as wrong as it gets… with the vote by the Board of Regents with the vote on substantial equivalency targeting yeshivas that I have been vocally opposed to.”

“I’m here standing today against that push, and I will remain opposed to it in the future. We all need to stand up for your yeshiva education,” he continued. “The story that is not being told is that inside of yeshivas you have students who are being taught values – values of right and wrong, values of leading a good life and being law abiding and having a family and contributing positively and staying out of trouble. That story isn’t being written.”

Zeldin also touched on his own life story, and the experience of his mother, great-grandfather, and his own growing up.

“My mother was a 4th grade yeshiva teacher right here in Brooklyn,” Zeldin said.” Across generations, my great-grandfather was an Orthodox rabbi right here in Brooklyn. For me, I went through all of grade school, college, law school and 4 years of active duty and I was never once targeted with antisemitism. I couldn’t even tell a story of how other people I knew were targeted. But now, young boys here in Brooklyn can tell you story after story after story of antisemitism on these streets.”

Talking separately to Orthodox Jews on the streets of Williamsburg, Zeldin insisted that steps must be taken to ensure that “people who commit antisemitic attacks are being held accountable.”

“We have people who are getting released automatically due to cashless bail or lax DAs or lax judges. We need to make sure there are consequences. If you harm somebody else, if you assault another person… because they are Jewish, we have to have zero tolerance,” he said. “We need to identify, confront, and crush antisemitism in every form whenever we see it. There must be no tolerance for it on our streets, no tolerance for it inside our schools, and no tolerance for it inside our government.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Don’t forget, the Vote was Unanimous against the Yeshiva system of English studies.
    The typical Non-Jew sees a major quandary: on one hand he sees our children very well behaved, dressed normal, coming from a stable family life; Yet, when he looks at the statistics regarding the the percentage of our neighborhoods collecting food stamps, vouchers etc, he realizes that these fine kids wind up growing up not being able to earn a decent living on their own.

  2. “my great-grandfather was an Orthodox rabbi right here in Brooklyn”

    Was he actually a rabbi?

    From what I have seen it seems that he was a Lubavitcher Chasid.

  3. Has anyone looked into how his Mormon wife educates their children? The Mormons believe that they are basically Jews from Shevet Efraim and have a mission to get their “fellow Jews” to accept their “king”. I and others were very worried about how the Mormon Romney would have used his position in the White House to pressure the Israeli political system, which would have been very susceptible to enormous Mormon funding, into allowing Mormon missionaries a free hand to get to work on the Israeli public. Romney also resisted Elie Wiesel’s attempts to get him to renounce Mormon posthumous “conversions” of Holocaust victims. Let’s be very cautious here.

  4. @por-usually those and the evangelicals who have that agenda believe to protect and support the Jews until Mr. J returns. So i think we have nothing to worry about.

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