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POWERFUL ENDORSEMENT: Zeldin Receives Backing Of Influential FJCC, Massive Orthodox Jewish Voting Bloc In Flatbush

New York gubernatorial candidate Rep. Lee Zeldin picked up a major and highly coveted endorsement on Sunday as the influential Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition (FJCC) threw its support behind the surging Republican’s campaign.

The endorsement was made official at a meeting in Flatbush between Rep. Zeldin, Rabbonim, FJCC leaders and community members and activists including Rabbi Avrohom Fruchtandler, President Yehivah Chaim Berlin and others, some who had until now avoided entry into the thorny field of political endorsements. The meeting took place at the home of Rabbi Yisroel Reisman shlita, Rosh Yeshiva Torah Vodath.

The FJCC’s endorsement of Zeldin was made under the clear guidance of Daas Torah who feel that his unwavering pro-yeshiva position and public support made him a worthy candidate. In addition, community members and activists point to the state’s bail reform laws, to which they attribute rising crimes perpetrated against the community, as well as a disturbing increase in antisemitic attacks and falling quality of life as the major communal issues of concern.

The FJCC represents more than 200 Shuls and Yeshivas, hundreds of local business owners, and tens of thousands of local residents.

YWN has learned that the endorsement is in large part due to Gov. Kathy Hochul’s refusal to clarify her position on yeshivos, which are under attack from the New York Board of Regents. In comparison, Zeldin has visited multiple yeshivas and Jewish enclaves across the state, during which he repeatedly expressed unwavering support for yeshiva education and derided the Board of Regents’ approval of its new “substantial equivalency” regulations that threaten to hamper yeshivas’ ability to provide a well-rounded Jewish education.

“We had an opportunity here for so many in state government to be able to speak up and defend everything that’s great about a yeshiva education. But unfortunately, too many people were silent. Governor Hochul was one of them. It’s important when you’re the governor of the state of New York to speak up for what is right,” Zeldin said at the time.

Sources confirm to YWN that over the past several months, the FJCC repeatedly invited Gov. Kathy Hochul to meet with community leaders in Flatbush but as of Sunday no meeting has yet materialized.

A recent poll has shown Zeldin with a 45.6% to 45.3% percent lead over Hochul, with the remainder still undecided. Even as an outlier, the survey indicates a far narrower race than would have been expected in deeply liberal New York.

FJCC leaders strongly urge every single voter to make their voices heard. The time is now. Early voting is underway.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

11 Responses

  1. Halevai if the so-called Flatbush voting bloc (it’s bloc, not block) was even half as effective as the Williamsburg/BP/KJ voting bloc.

  2. It seems there are plenty of people in BP voting for Zeldin. Not sure about Williamsburg, they may be sticking to Hochul. There are Yiddish advertisements in BP print media publications going both ways.

  3. Let’s go Williamsburg, Boro Park, Staten Island and New Square.. VOTE REPUBLICAN. Your life DOES depend on it.

  4. So If she Clarified her standing on yeshivas this self appointed and anointed agudest collection would have backed her. And if they were serious why wait so long to back a republican

  5. The time is now. Early voting is underway. I have already keenly cast my vote for Lee Zeldin and am already salivating to cast my vote for President Donald Trump שליט”א come 11/5/2024

  6. I voted for the black Republican Joe Pinion today for US Senate against the white Chuck Schumer. Also voted for Michael Henry over the black female CPA Letitia James, Novakhov over Cymbrowitz, Raitport over Clarke, etc…. straight down the Conservative line.

  7. If Trump, Desantis, & Zeldin are in power at the same time surely Moshiach (HaRav HaGoan Donald J. Trump) will reveal himself. The end of days are coming. Imagine witnessing Melech Donald (changed to Dovid) sitting on his throne in Yerushalaim!

  8. If these ASKONIM had not gone for the money 12 years ago, 8 years ago. 4 years ago, a year ago, and realized that the republican party is the place to be, we would not be in tis situation today.

  9. how many votes can flatbush really deliver , i think it should be a “CHARIDY” type campaign between the diff frum neighborhoods?

  10. dont forget to vote down ballot for ALL Republicans and Conservative, in flatbush Yvette Clarke is running she is a supporter of PLO as she signed gaza 54 letter and was one of Trumps biggest antaganists

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