Worrying: 100,000 Israeli Babies & Children Aren’t Fully Vaxxed Against Polio

Young polio survivors at a special summer camp in Ramat Gan in 1954.; Arab-Israeli children are vaccinated for polio at a clinic in Jerusalem in 1988. (Photo: Ayalon Maggi/GPO)

About 100,000 babies and children in Israel aren’t fully vaccinated against polio and some aren’t vaccinated at all, Kan News reported on Tuesday.

There are about 20,000 babies between the ages of six weeks and 11 months who aren’t vaccinated or aren’t fully vaccinated.

Regarding children – there are about 68,000 children between the ages of one and six who aren’t vaccinated or aren’t fully vaccinated and about 40,000 children who fall in the same category.

On Sunday, the Health Ministry announced the launching of an initiative to increase vaccinations against polio in the unvaxxed sector. However, the initiative has been delayed due to a dispute between the Health Ministry, Finance Ministry, and the Nurses’ Union.

The dispute began after public health nurses discovered that they wouldn’t be receiving a salary increase for the extra work involved in the polio awareness campaign.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Imagine that.. hundred thousands unvaccinated kids, polio in the sewer, and no cases…. goes to show how much the vaccine is needed and worth….

    BUT amazing to see how YWM is doing big Pharma bidding and ADVERTISING. I hope you at least get paid for these articles and fear-mongering

  2. Despite what the WHO says (and does not say), honest appraisals of public health history have concluded that what prevents disease most efficiently is proper sanitation and nutrient-dense traditional diets—not mass vaccination campaigns. For example, Dr. Benjamin Pinchos Sandler, a nutrition expert at a North Carolina Veterans’ Hospital, “documented a relationship between polio and excessive use of sugars and starches” at the height of the U.S. polio epidemic in 1948 (in his book: ‘Diet Prevents Polio’). Sandler’s research showed that these foods dehydrated the cells and pulled calcium from the body and—connecting the dots—he also showed that serious calcium deficiencies often preceded polio.

    To come to terms with the truth about vaccination, think twice before accepting dogma that portrays polio vaccines as nothing short of a medical miracle. There is simply too much scientific evidence proving the contrary about them—and every other vaccine. Every vaccine dose contains multiple toxic ingredients, and all vaccines are capable of causing serious adverse reactions, including death. Furthermore, it is not possible to achieve permanent immunity to any infectious disease through vaccination.

  3. That is dismaying news. Though bear in mind that in Israel more boosters are needed than in the USA, because the danger is higher. Still, it’s dismaying that so many are not protected, or not as protected as they should be. And persuading their parents now to protect them is going to be difficult, coming right after the recent experience with the clot shot. Parents who resisted all the pressure to take that, and have now been proven right, are going to resist giving their children the polio vaccine, even though that has been thoroughly tested and is both safe and necessary.

  4. Not everyone is eligible to receive the vaccine. My kids couldn’t get the live polio vaccine even though we wanted thdm to – because it was too risky for the live vaccine to be in close proximity to me…because of my medical condition. Don’t just assume that an unvaxed kid is not vaxed because the parents are unaware or unwilling.

  5. this is a horror and it is part of the norm….now do something about it….even in the rest of the world this is a consequence….start PRAYING….217 years till 6000 isn’t much….you had 75 years since Holocaust and Hitler and what have you done ZERO__wake up JEWS….I only care about my own….WAKE UP…….Olem Haba is being scratched if you don’t WAKE UP….ESAU…..is not your family

  6. Fred Klenner in the 1940s had a 100% cure rate for paralytic polio using very high dose vitamin C. I have used very high dose vitamin C for other illnesses for myself, my family and people I know 100s of times over the last 25 years. This was Klenner treating people who already were very ill. If people would view taking adequate doses vitamin C like brushing their teeth before they contract polio, then not only would they not become seriously ill with polio, which we are not seeing anyway as Josha45 pointed out.

    Here is a link to an article about Klenner: http://www.doctoryourself.com/klennerbio.html

    Also, of interest see what Klenner has to say about vitamin C and pregnancy.

  7. Seems like extreme incompetence. The polio vaccine has a proven record over the last 70 years, and the disease was a serious health issue before the vaccine, often leaving the person with life long disabilities.

  8. > lastword
    > “what prevents disease most efficiently is proper sanitation”
    You expect to live in a bubble? No amount of sanitation is going to be 100% and not all disease follow the same trend. Britannica explains that before increased sanitation, there is no evidence of any major polio outbreaks. The polio epidemic rate increased as sanitation increased exactly because the increased sanitation delayed polio exposure until the child was older when the disease is more severe. It was that very trend of increased sanitation that necessitated the polio vaccine in the first place.

  9. Was just gonna recommend the book Turtles all the way down
    But shmendrick beat me to it
    Read it if you want to learn the clear and concise facts about disease history and vaccination given with proof of all statements
    Best books hands down to explain things in a way anyone can understand about why most of these diseases we vaccinate for are not deadly, why vaccination is not proven “safe and effective” – using the government and pharmas own data!

  10. > Joshua45

    There is no mention of “hundred thousands unvaccinated”. The article clearly states “aren’t fully vaccinated” (pay close attention to the word “fully”). The normal definition of “fully” for polio vaccine is 4 doses. But just 2 doses alone is already “90% effective”.

    On top of that, contrary to your alleged “no cases”, following is a quote from the Times of Israel dated 21 August 2022:

    > Earlier this year, officials in Israel detected polio in an unvaccinated 3-year-old, who suffered paralysis.