UNBELIEVABLE: 94% of Anti-Jewish Assaults in NYC Targeted Orthodox Jews, Just TWO Perps Went to Jail


A new report from Americans Against Antisemitism found that a stunning majority – 94% – of anti-Jewish assaults in New York City between 2018 and 2022 specifically targeted Orthodox Jews, and that 97% of those attacks were perpetrated by other minorities.

The statistics come from the Hate Crimes Accountability Project, created to give additional data on hate crimes beyond what the NYPD and FBI collect and report and to determine if there are consequences for the perpetrators.

The project documented 194 cases of anti-Jewish assaults in NYC between April 2018 and August 2022, with the perps’ group identities documented in 99 of those assaults. According to the report’s data, 64% of the assaults were committed by black individuals, 16% by Asians (Muslim/Arab), 10% by Hispanics, and 3% by white individuals.

52% of victims were Chasidic, 42% were Orthodox (litvish), and just 4% or fewer were secular, modern Orthodox, or Reform.

Most shocking: of the 194 documented assaults, the Hate Crimes Accountability Project found just 2 cases where a perpetrator was sentenced to prison. Most faced no consequences at all.

See the full report in the video below.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. No,this is called ” a nation committing national suicide”
    The filthy treasonous criminally insane filthy Marxist DemonRats (sewer rats), have decided to absolutely destroy this once great country.

  2. Of course the majority of anti-Semitic attacks will be perpetuated against those that look quite Jewish.

    When the Reform and Conservative start donning peyos then they, as well, will be open targets.

  3. And this is with blacks being only 20.2 pcnt of nyc population as of 2020 (about 1.77 million out of 8.8 million)!!! They still did most of them!
    It’s interesting why no college antisemitism was documented- i’m sure there was plenty, it just wasn’t in the news.

  4. Attacking politically incorrect religious persons is illegal? Welcome to the WOKE 21st century. They have already targeted us for cancellation, so why would assaults bother the authorities.

  5. thank you for the speedy news…perhaps now people will realize that 217 years till 6000 and galus remains….sorry, gentile nations….you can’t have my people….not one soul of a kosher home will you have

  6. I thank Hashem every day that I’m not on a line for bread like my grandparents were in Auschwitz

  7. I heard The FBI and Democratic leaders in NY published a report that antisemitism has DROPPED by considerable percentage.
    Where is Shumer Yisroel?
    Wher are the Satmer?
    Where is Nadler and other Jewish power hungry Rats?