EYE POPPING: Satmar Raises Over $8 Million in a Single Day for Its Mosdos

Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg

A meeting between the Satmar rebbe of Williamsburg and philanthropists in Kiryas Yoel resulted in the raising of more than $8 million for mosdos led by his chasidus in Kiryas Yoel and beyond.

$7 million was raised at the meeting itself from various donors, with the rebbe announcing that an additional $1.5 million was donated anonymously, bringing the single-day total to an eye popping $8.5 million.

Additional fundraisers are scheduled to take place throughout this week, during which millions of dollars more are expected to be donated to Satmar from no more than a handful of philanthropists.

In an interesting comparison, in the week after Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest in middle of a game last Monday night, more than 244,000 people – including athletes, mega-millionaires and celebrities – chipped in to donate $8.6 million to his charity toy drive. Satmar raised that amount in a single day.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Is latitia James going to look into these vast sums of money? now that she cannot go after President Donald Trump שליט”א whose released tax returns were totally clean beyond any possible reproach

  2. mike234:
    All ppl that work have millions of extra dollars to donate?
    I wish!!
    My husband & I both work & cant cover our basic living expenses.
    The rich get richer, the poor are living off the govt & the hard working middle income people are poorest

  3. Fascinating. Look at these statistics: The average household income in Kiryas Joel is $51,590 with a poverty rate of 85.47%

    So – where is this money coming from????

  4. Satmar is no different than any other community. There are paupers, middle class, wealthy and even a sprinkling of super wealthy. Charity – the rich helping the poor – is an ingrained trait. Generous donations to the institutions is part of their DNA.
    This is actually true of all Jews but is especially exhibited in Satmar. I am no Satmar Chasid and am quite Zionistic but I admire this aspect of that community.

  5. When Satmer comes over begging with their credit card swap give them Rebbe’s home address entrusted to other people names in
    All Florida locations
    For donations.