HATE IN THE UK: Chareidi Boy Grabbed By Throat, Thrown Off Bus

Illustrative. Shomrim of Stamford Hill.

An anti-Semitic incident occurred in the Stamford Hill neighborhood of London this week when a man grabbed a 12-year-old boy by his throat and threw him off a bus, the Shomrim organization reported.

No one on the bus attempted to intervene.

Shomrim reported another anti-Semitic incident this week in Stamford Hill, when a male ran toward a Jewish pedestrian, punched him in his face, and threw off his hat. The attack was completely unprovoked.

In recent months, Stamford Hill has been suffering from a spate of anti-Semitic incidents. A month ago, a frum man walking with his wife and baby was violently attacked while walking in the neighborhood, and a frum adult man with Down Syndrome and his 70-year-old mother were violently attacked.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. lets see like NYC they have a minority mayor (in there case a Muslim) a woke police and prosecutor that allows terrorists and criminals off the hook, stamford hill by the way is the equivalent of Williamsburg/Boro Park of London so the criminals are empowered and dont fear anybody like here in NYC thanks to the weak on crime DEMOCRATS.

  2. The Queen is Dead and the King (LOL) has a Teddy Bear…..Hashem gave 70 years to this Queen …..during the most difficult times from Hitler to its completion….exactly that completion….the nerd can not even make a sentence……

  3. It is only a matter of time before some hysteric (whose parents are probably wiring money for him/her to an Israeli account) will jump out of the woodwork and scream “Grab your passport and bolt for a safer State of Israel before it is too late”! They wait anxiously for any mishap to ply their trade in almost every comment session. Why miss an opportunity and let it go to waste? Maybe you should feel the same zeal about not destroying your parent’s nest egg.

  4. Let’s copy the trick of the King Achav generation.
    We all need to respect and help one another. The Chassidim should try their best to help all Yidden even the Litvishe community and the Litvishe community should also try their best to help all Yidden including the Chasidishe community. We have to treat each other like brothers.
    Litvish. Chassidish, Ashkenazim, Sefardim, Nusach Ashkenaz, Nusach Sfard, even though that Yid dresses differently than you, do not forget that he is also Hashem’s one and only beautiful child. Hashem is watching us very carefully to see how we are treating his other children, the ones that are not davening in a different Shul.
    Of course I also mean that even in our own Shul, we need to judge the other person in a favorable manner.
    Give him the benefit of the doubt-PLEASE–
    I will bet you a million dollars that if we try this, NO MORE TRAGEDIES——————-
    $1,000,000 BET

  5. and in our (london, uk) case, we have not sleepy jo, but clowny Jo! though by now the circus has already gone around three times we’re holding now at the point of some really excruciatingly boring indian called Sunak…

  6. @Berish, if it was an attack in Israel you would literally be saying that this event ‘proves’ that Israel is more dangerous than chutz laaretz and that there is no need to do anything just stay put in golus america because Israel is too ‘dangerous’ or whatever… you say you are against those who bring this up to push aliya which we rarely ever hear about; the only one sensationalizing this topic is you

    it’s funny how whichever way it goes, you twist the example to criticize Israel and Aliyah anyway…

  7. The reason I do this is not that I don’t think Aliyah is a huge Mitzva. I do. But I have so many friends who wanted nothing more than to serve in the IDF and help Israel but returned back to the US as broken people. What is the difference between a person whose Aliya is successful and one who is not? The ones who can stay have parents sending them the doe-ray-me and the ones who return home lack that luxury. I am pre-empting these people and don’t tell me they don’t post. Every drop of graffiti in Williamsburg they go into their Chicken-Little rants but when there is a terrorist attack(Rachamana L’Tzlan) there you can hear a pin drop. The last one to do this is somebody with the handle “Square-Root”.I remembered that. Recent.