You’ve seen all the status giveaways, but you haven’t seen one like this – until now. For the next month, Lakewood Alerts will be entering every single phone number signed up for its status to win an unprecedented $5,000!

The best part? There’s no catch. You don’t have to post a flyer on your own status, you don’t need to show evidence of you urging your grandmother to join too. All you need to do is sign up yourself. That’s it.

Want to give yourself a shot at winning a sweet $5,000? All you have to do is click here, press send, and save Lakewood Alerts in your contacts. Pretty simple, right?

And if you’re already subscribed to the status, you’re already in the raffle. No need to do anything!



  1. @RBZS sounds like you are in a pickle.
    I it is difficult to live suspended between two realities, my suggestion:
    Either you can force it to recognize your reality, and accept that you have WhatsApp (not very easy)
    Or you can accept it’s reality, (that you don’t have WhatsApp) and get a kosher phone.

  2. Moiradik if I win I can afford to give to all the Yeshivas who forced their talmidim to call me and sent links to give money to their Yeshivos.

  3. If you agree to daven for me, that I should never come to understand the bizarre use of the word “status” used throughout this article, then I will reciprocate for you, l’gabei shiddeechim or shulem Bayis, or whatever.

  4. I just tried to do it from my phone as well & it tells me as well that I need to download What’s app when I already do have what’s app on my phone. How else can I sign up for it? Any advice?

  5. Hi all, I figured it out, it says on the ad that you need to 1st sign up to Lakewood Alerts Status & then once you’re signed up, you’re entered into the raffle. The drawing is in 3 wks.