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LOOK AT THIS: Trump Haters Can’t Control Themselves, Publish AI-Generated Photos of Trump Arrest, Fighting Cops

In yet another iteration of the incurable Trump Derangement Syndrome, anti-Trumpsters are foaming at the mouth as they await the former president’s expected indictment by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg.

In fact, they’re so excited by the prospect of Trump sitting in jail that they simply can’t wait to see it. So to turn their fantasies into a semi-reality, they turned to artificial intelligence to help them feel the unrestrained joy and exuberance of seeing Donald Trump in shackles.

Artificial intelligence image generating engines churned out multiple photos of the former president in varying states of distress, but all depicted one thing: Donald Trump being arrested – or trying to resist arrest – from law enforcement officers coming to mete out justice against their archenemy.

Of course, the joke is on the anti-Trumpers. With Bragg targeting him in the most blatantly political hit job of all time, Trump is most likely to soar to the Republican nomination in 2024, and he has a good shot at beating Joe Biden too. And don’t forget, presidents can legally serve from jail.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. The only real positive I can see from his perspective is that the jail uniforms match his hair. Rumor has it that Otisville has the best food (including meals with good hashgacha and even a daf yomi class).

  2. The joke is on the YWN editor for taking these pictures seriously.

    Moderators Response: The joke is on you who clearly didn’t read any part of the article.
    Here is one part:

    “In fact, they’re so excited by the prospect of Trump sitting in jail that they simply can’t wait to see it. So to turn their fantasies into a semi-reality, they turned to artificial intelligence to help them feel the unrestrained joy and exuberance of seeing Donald Trump in shackles.”

    Oh. And read the headline.

  3. These are actually really funny and really well done. It’s a shame that ywn is so blatantly pro trump, the word objectivity is not even in the dictionary for ywn

  4. Trump should make another set of “Trump-cards” out of these and raise another 4.5 million in 24 hours just to spite these libtards

  5. Trump 2024.
    The only problem with trump was all the medias lies. He was a great president that accomplished a lot. His supporters don’t comment here. But you should talk to them .. you will gain some knowledge & not all the media lies

  6. And of course, this,
    all brought to you as usual,
    by YWN,
    the #1 trump haters;
    for no reason at all, except that maybe they can’t handle being makir Tov, for all that Trump did for the Jews (and the country as a whole).

  7. Because of these false pictures, and how easy it is to make them, and how difficult it is to prove them false, we live in a time when: “THE TRUTH WILL GO LOST” (Sotah 49B).

  8. they did this after his election and boo hoo horror arose, with 216 plus years till 6000 I would calculate an Amalek in the lead now in America

    Beit Din….is Biden….Hashem’s gift for us to get our act together

  9. Ha ha ha. Everyone knows that these pictures aren’t real. Has anyone ever seen Trump run? lift weights? play basketball? read a book? Ha ha ha.

  10. gadoldora… bh ottisville has not had a minyan of frum yidden for more than 17 months , lo aleinu if a yid finds himself there he should learn the daf… ottisville is nothing to joke about

  11. YWN Editor,

    Thank you for loving me so much that you responded to my post.
    I meant that nobody takes these pictures seriously.
    There have been pictures of trump and his family in orange jumpsuits for years.

    Just like nobody takes seriously the pictures of Trump repeatedly posing as Superman or standing on the moon in his NFT trading cards.

    Everyone realizes that the pictures were all created as a serious attempt at fun and have nothing to do with turning fantasies into reality or foaming at the mouth.

  12. To SQUARE_ROOT – very true!

    Apparently most YWN regulars haven’t comprehended my recent post
    quoting Dr. Kruse, author re: Trump:

    I wanted to reach out, using Mr. Trump, to those who might never read a self-help or psychology book. Combining these topics generates opposition from
    organized psychiatry (for delving into politics),
    ADHD groups (for tarnishing the label with Mr. Trump),
    those on the left (for exonerating what they perceive as the president’s bad behavior)
    and those on the right (for pointing out unattractive traits).
    But I also have received support from
    mental health workers, who have used the book to educate their patients, or who said that they themselves had missed Mr. Trump’s ADHD because they were so consumed by his apparent personality disorders.
    And individuals with ADHD have praised the book because they felt that it offered some new insights and analyses about the condition not available in other books or blogs.
    And I have heard from leftists who appreciated how my book made Mr. Trump more comprehensible,
    and by those on the right who realized that ADHD was both more accurate and less pejorative than the critics who label the president a baby, tyrant, or idiot.

  13. jackkk,

    You’d have no issue with pictures of Brainless Brandon being spoon-fed his mush or having his diapers changed, would you? It would certainly be closer to reality than this attempt at fun.

  14. Sara Rifka:

    Beit Din is not the only way to interpret Biden.
    Biden is also Abadon, the lowest level of Gehinom, from which none return.

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