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Rosh Yeshivah On Anarchist Protest In Bnei Brak: “Don’t Engage With Them”

Left-wing anarchists are holding another national day of protest – dubbed National Paralysis Day – on Thursday, and like last week, one of the protests will be held in Bnei Brak.

As part of National Paralysis Day, there will be several fearmongering events about what Israel will look like if the judicial reform passes, including a human representation of a gender-segregated bus and train. The protest in Bnei Brak will consist of protesters marching from the Ayalon Mall at 7 p.m. under the title: “No Freedom, No Torah.” According to Kikar H’Shabbat reporter Yishai Cohen, the organizers of the march intend to bring numerous “pride flags” to the protest in order to spark disputes.

The protest organizers are advertising free shuttles from several areas throughout the country to Bnei Brak – shuttles that are being financed by anonymous donors.

Kol B’Ramah reporter Yaki Adamker wrote: “The protest in Bnei Brak tomorrow is against the city’s residents for being Chareidi and supporters of the government. The goal of the organizers is to polarize the public and turn the march into a ‘secular against Chareidi’ protest because that way it’s easier to besmirch us. The question is: isn’t your protest against the government? Why are you protesting against people?”

A letter was published on Wednesday evening by the head of the Vaad HaYeshivos HaRav Chaim Aharon Kaufman in the name of HaGaon HaRav Gershon Edelstein on Wednesday evening requesting that bnei yeshivos refrain from confronting the protesters.

The letter states: “At the instruction of Maran Rosh HaYeshivah, I was requested to announce regarding the recent phenomenon of people who unfortunately are far from Torah and kiyum hamitzos, starting up with and speaking against bnei yeshivos, who are the ones that are upholding the world.”

“We are calling on all talmidei hayeshivos – stay far away from them and don’t engage in discussions with them under any circumstances and chas v’chalilah to go out to the streets and participate in any protest.”

“And on the contrary, during these days that we went out to everlasting freedom – and the only free person is one that is oseik b’Torah – we should increase our toil and diligence in Torah.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. The letter calls for richuk! Instead: This is an opportunity. Do kiruv! Make a kiddush Hashem! Demonstrate ahavas Yisroel. Put tefillin on them. Shlep them into the bais medresh and learn Torah with them.

    Maybe one of them or hopefully dozens, will see the beauty of frum life and the spark of their neshoma will ignite.

    Do we abdicate our responsibility? Squander the opportunity?
    כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה

  2. @Rebbitzen Goldenpickanicerscreenname How about listening to Rav Gershon Edelstein, one of the gadolei hador?
    I don’t have a problem with kiruv but there is more likely to be a fight/counter protest than actual successful kiruv. Better we keep learning while they yell.

  3. Follow the Rosh Yeshiva and stay away. If the Rosh Yeshiva felt there was a possibility of Kiruv, he would have said to do something else. But even a common person can see that these Israelis are coming to Bnei Brak to pick a fight. But if the Jews aren’t there, then the Israelis can only fight among themselves!

  4. Rebbitzen Goldenpickanicerscreenname : You believe in what you writing.This am Haaretz dont belive in anything what has to do with Jiddischkeit the are leftist,they agaionst the torah the paid from people like Lapid,Liebermann
    and they only want to destroy Jiidischkeit.

  5. we are dealing with Amalek here. plain and simple. At this point, Klal Yisroel has much more serious issues to deal with then trying to play kiruv with those who hate us.

  6. In this day and age of social networking and digital connectivity, it is extremely easy to do major aveiros that are far greater in scope then were ever possible back in the day. For example we all know how a single watsapp message with some Loshon Horo can easily destroy someone’s life!

    Unfortunately the previous post is a good example of this. The Godol Hador (who is imbued with incredible Daas Torah and wisdom beyond what we can even fathom) makes a statment and gives us a warning. By publically contradicting that statement it is an incredible Bizayon to the Torah, to Talmidei Chachamim, and to Hashem himself. The fact that within a few days tens of thousands of peope read the comment also creates a HUGE chilul Hashem that is irreperable. When you read something so blatantly anti-Daas Torah then whether you like it or not it has a very negative affect on you, and you yourself start respecting gedolim to a lesser extent. So the chashivus and authority of the Gadol Hador has been watered down in the eyes of tens of thousands of people because of one thoughtless comment! Oy vey

    I never comment on news articles as I find this a waste of time. But I couldnt help myself in this case as I thought it is important to try metakein to some small extent the HUGE damage done to the Torah.

    After 120 years then we will be in a position to understand the profound Chochma of the Rav and why in this particular case richuk is better than kiruv. But until then we should realise how small we are and that out opinion doesn’t count. And certainly we should be extremely careful to uphold the honor of the Torah and it’s leaders!

  7. to Rebbitzen Appikores, you have no right to disagree with the ruling of a godel not in private and certainly not in public.
    The Rosh Yeshivah Shlita knows only too well, that any engagement with those lehachezniks by regular bochrim and yungerlight , will bring no good.
    Surely, there may be some kiruv experts, who may be able to accomplish something positive but not by the average Ben Torah and not in such an environment.

  8. When I said in my post “the previous post” I was referring to the post of Rebbitzen G who advised everyone to ignore the opinion of the Gedolim.

  9. The kiruv of food stations plus greetings of love and brotherhood had positive results.

    If only more kiruv was done, many secular would have done mitzvos like putting on tefillin or even learning Torah for a few minutes.

    So much more could have been accomplished!

    But kiruv worked!

    No one can argue with that!

  10. Since when do we treat Gedolim as Rebbes.

    Have we become chassidishe?

    We always mocked the chassidishe that would blindly follow the advice of their Rebbe.

    Now we have become them!

    Sorry, I am not Chassidishe and don’t intend to be.

    What next? Kvitlech??? Call the Gadol – “Melech HaMoshiach”?

    We have totally lost our mesorah of being Misnagdim as we embrace the ways of the Chassidim!

  11. most people do not agree with chabad and also the gemara says that kiruv can Mack you effected .and feshour if a gadol says not to .you have to be on a extra high level to do it. especially leaving a comment like that agents’ a “pesack” of a gadal they are one of the people who needs kiruv

  12. Listening to Daas Torah and to the psak of our Rabbonim (and Kol Sheken the Gadol Hador!) is really part of the Alef Beis of Yiddishkeit. It has nothing to do with chassidish or misnagdish.

    Especially in these challenging times – anyone who tries to forge their own path and do what is right in their own eyes (without consulting Daas Torah) doesn’t have a hope!

    Look at our history…hundreds and hundreds of examples of those who trusted their own distorted views of things and arrognatly ignored those who know more than them – only to dissapear into the garbage heap of history. Think Korach, Tzadok etc. They all trully believed they were doing the right thing. There relatively small mistake was that they felt that they had the zchus and chashivus to make up their own decisions and go against the chachomim. Has anyone in history ever succeeded by speaking out against the Gedolim of their genenration? Never!

  13. The foolish comment offended by my call for kiruv: You mistakenly think that I am “arguing” with the Rosh Yeshiva. That’s because you have comprehension challenges.

    Do you think the municipality and avreichim that extended their hands in sholom aleichem also went against the Rosh Yeshiva??? No! They wouldn’t dare! The Rosh Yeshiva was commenting about his BOCHURIM. They should keep away!

    The RY knows bochurim are immature and become hot-headed and easily provoked. THEY should stay away.

    But EVERYONE ELSE should do kiruv, as many did, with tremendous success.

    The point is: the silliness of grabbing one word out of context and making that the Holy Grail of Daas Torah – is foolishness.

  14. y feld “most people do not agree with chabad [about kiruv”.

    I was one of those “most people” until a distant relative went OTD and needed kiruv! Suddenly overnight I became a fan of kiruv.

    I am sure “most people” would agree with Chabad if their son or daughter hiking the mountains of Tibet, Tialand or Nepal and are offered a kosher meal and a yiddishe shabbos table. I am certain that they wouldn’t reject the ways of kiruv if it’s their own son or daughter that needs it.

    When my relative was gently guided back to mitvos by CHabad, I became a defender of their derech. I am not Chabad, but I admire them for what they do for “others’ including our very own.

  15. BTW – I was also never a fan of Hatzala until I saw them save the life of a relative. “Most people” might think that frun yidden should better say tehillim and let the “professionals” deal with the medical emergencies. That view changes when you or your child needs Hatzala. Chabad are the spiritual Halaza, saving those in sakonos NEFOSHOS. You will adnire them and support them when you need them, and don’t think your family is immune from spiritual dangers of sakonos nefoshos.

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