WATCH: Chain-Reaction Crash on Florida Highway Caused by Driver Stopping for Turtle Crossing


A driver’s decision to abruptly halt their vehicle in the middle of a bustling highway in Florida to allow a turtle to cross the road resulted in a major collision involving multiple vehicles, according to authorities.

The incident unfolded on Tuesday morning along U.S. Route 331, as a pickup truck, a semitruck, and several other cars became entangled in a chain-reaction crash, as reported by the Walton County Sheriff’s Office.

Acknowledging the importance of preserving wildlife and the natural inhabitants of the state, the sheriff’s office emphasized that everyone has a role to play in safeguarding these creatures. However, they urged individuals to exercise caution and avoid stopping in the middle of the road, stating, “We all can do better to protect the wildlife and natural inhabitants of our great state. Residents and visitors alike should marvel at the many species that call Florida home, just preferably not in the middle of the road.”

Video footage captured by the dashcam of the semitruck revealed the sequence of events leading to the collision. As cars approached the scene, they suddenly slowed down upon encountering the pickup truck stationary in the left lane of the two-lane roadway. In an attempt to avoid a collision, one car swiftly veered into the right lane ahead of the semitruck. Unfortunately, the semitruck was unable to brake in time, resulting in a collision with multiple vehicles, including the pickup truck.

The video also captured the presence of a turtle in the middle of the road as the chaotic crash unfolded.

Officials clarified that the driver who stopped for the turtle did not have malicious intentions. Nevertheless, they highlighted the potential dangers of attempting to maneuver around or halt for animals on busy roadways, as it can pose life-threatening risks to motorists.

Fortunately, no severe injuries were reported as a result of the crash.

In a fortunate turn of events, the resilient turtle managed to survive the collision and now resides in a pond, where it will hopefully spend the remainder of its days safely avoiding any encounters with pavement, according to the sheriff’s office.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Weekdays the difference between a turtle and a deer, a life is a life. Next time this person will think is reasonable to stop for a snake, a mosquito, or bacteria on the road. Someone needs their license suspended.

  2. ‘Cause it’s better to cause thousands of dollars of damage and risk human lives than run over a turtle THAT CAN SURVIVE BEING RUN OVER.

  3. It seems that the baal camera did not start braking after cars before him started and continued going forward for some time.