Should Trump Drop Out? Former Trump Mega-Donor Says It’s Time To Move On


A major Republican donor who previously threw his financial weight behind Donald Trump now says that the former president should drop out of the race.

“Number one, Donald Trump can only serve one term,” mega-donor Hal Lambert told Fox News. “He’ll effectively be a lame duck almost on day one if he were to win. But I don’t think he can win the general. That’s the number two reason. I don’t think he can win the general. There’s states that matter and we all know what those are. It’s gonna be things like Nevada and Arizona and Virginia, Wisconsin. I don’t see Trump winning any of those states. And we can’t win if we don’t win those states.”

Saying it’s “time to move on from Trump,” Lambert said he is now supporting Ron DeSantis.

“What do you think when the president refers to Ron DeSantis – among a number of names – [as] Ron DeSanctimonious and things like that?” host Neil Cavuto asked.

“Look, it’s not going over well,” Lambert responded. “The audience doesn’t cheer for it. In fact, sometimes they boo. So, I don’t think people want to see that… We want to unite the country. And we can’t have name-calling. We’ve got to move to an adult conversation on real issues and I think Desantis brings that to the table.”

“I think Donald Trump should drop out the race, quite frankly, for the better of the country,” he said. “I think he should drop out of the race.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Absolutely 100% right, as much as I like Trump and voted for him twice, and if he is the nominee I would definitely vote for him again.
    But the sad truth is, he has a absolutely terrible personality, he is a narcissist and ego maniac, people are turned off, no way can he win the election.
    For the good of the country, he must drop out and let DeSantis defeat the filthy treasonous America hating DemonRats.

  2. Lambert is clearly exceedingly misguided, be cause the only other candidate who could possibly secure the White House for We Republicans, clearly is no other than Vice-President Mike Pence:- Obviously Lambert is suffering from a serious blockage, if he hasn’t comprehended nor realized this.

  3. President Trump was badly maligned by the opposing Party, spending millions of dollars to discredit him. Even when proven false, their media supporters denied that he’s still not guilty. Every effort was made to destroy him. Yet, he was an amazing President. Yes, he has a big ego, but he served as a brilliant and strong President whom many countries were afraid of, so much so that the economy was zooming until COVID, Israel got the embassy moved to Jerusalem, for the first time, a US President actually supported Israel and defended her against Arab propaganda. His foreign policies prevented war and saved the pipeline, there was a border wall and illegal immigration control, and businesses moved back to the US AND were encouraged to open…Today what are we dealing with? Trans and gay manifestos are being shoved down our throats as we are forced to accept it. Pensions and investments are falling more and more, the pipeline is gone, prices are up like never before, violence is everywhere and the police are not only in danger but being defunded and considered bad. Criminals are being given light sentences while Republicans are targeted. No one is allowed to truly express themselves if it contradicts “the party.” Frankly, I think it’s time for people to move to Israel-at least you get mitzvot for living there if things aren’t perfect, too. In any case, I think Trump would be good for the US AND ISRAEL.

  4. Trump should not allow any one to scare him off, yes, he is off the wall, he is amazing loyal and honest …. he is the only choice who will stand with Israel ……truthfully America really doesn’t deserve much at all….they are reckless ___ the movements of culture are not getting better, Sodom, now find 10 good men

  5. Maybe everyone can wait for debates and see whether Ron can catch up on international affairs by that time and express a position?

  6. “He [Trump] is amazing loyal and honest …
    Tell that to Mike Pence [who still seems to defend the legacy of this vermin] when Trump sat on his fat behind staring at the TV in the oval office, while his MAGA hoodlums were storming into the Capital screaming “Hang Mike Pence”. Such loyalty. And ask just about everyone who ever worked for him (from small contractors to big time lawyers) about his “honesty” when they tried to get their bills paid.

  7. Gadol Hador are you still calling it an insurrection? keep on repeating what msdnc feeds you. The only one murdered was Ashley Babbitt the only one armed were the capitol police, you are fake news. The only insurrection is by NLM I mean BLM