IMPORTANT: Hatzalah In NYC Releases Important Notice Regarding Smoke Condition Over NYC


Chevra Hatzalah in NY just released the following statement regarding the horrific smoke condition over New York City:

June 7, 2023 (3:30 PM)

Due to the wildfires in Canada, the air quality in our region has been significantly affected. Consequently, both New York City and New York State have implemented the following guidelines:

• Minimize outdoor activities to the greatest extent possible.

• Individuals who are vulnerable, including those with heart or respiratory issues, children, and older adults, are particularly susceptible to the current air quality conditions. It is strongly advised for them to remain indoors.

Please be aware that although the sun may appear obscured by smoke, direct exposure to it can still be hazardous (such as looking directly at the sun).

In case of an emergency, do not hesitate to contact Hatzalah. However, please note that our emergency dispatchers are unable to provide general advice specific to this situation.

The leadership and Medical Director of Chevra Hatzalah are monitoring this situation and will issue further guidance if necessary.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Finally there’s a purpose for all those x95 masks. Unlike C19, they will offer protection to the actual wearer vs wearer protecting the next guy.