WATCH: Christie Fires Back At Trump’s Weights Jokes, Calls Him “Immature Baby” [VIDEOS]


In a heated exchange of words, Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie fiercely responded to former President Donald Trump’s recent weight-based mockery on Wednesday, shedding light on his personal struggle with obesity.

The controversy ignited when Trump shared an edited video on social media, seemingly depicting Christie announcing his campaign launch at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Responding to the clip, Christie expressed, “Breaking news… I have grappled with my weight for two decades. However, my character remains unwavering. I am ready to put that character up against Donald Trump’s any day. If these are the best tactics he can muster, then he has clearly lost his touch,” Christie wrote, comparing Trump’s behavior to that of “a petulant child.”

Further addressing the matter on Twitter, Christie wrote, “Considering his advanced age, it is high time we relinquish any hope of Trump ever maturing. What we truly need is a leader, not a juvenile.”

Earlier in the day, Christie was confronted with Trump’s video during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. Tapper presented the video, showing Christie holding a plate of meat at a buffet, and asked, “Trump, uh, last night, in response to you running, ran a rather mocking video on social media. There it is, it’s you… I guess he’s making fun of your weight, um, that’s his, that’s his response. What did you make of that?”

Christie wasted no time in firing back, stating, “When I witnessed it, Jake, it simply reaffirmed my belief in how immature he truly is. He acts like a baby.”

“He responds in such a manner every time you dare criticize him,” Christie continued. “You and I are fortunate enough to be parents, and if we had a child who conducted themselves in that way, we would send them to their room, not to the White House.”

Trump has persistently made derogatory remarks about Christie’s weight in recent weeks, with Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, Fox News anchor John Roberts, and Newsmax joining in on the mockery.

On Tuesday, Roberts issued a public apology to Christie after making a joke about the former governor’s ability to consume large quantities of milkshakes. The incident further fueled the debate surrounding body shaming and the need for political discourse to focus on substantive issues rather than personal attacks.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I’m not a big Christie fan but he makes a fair point. Besides it’s very low of trump to poke fun of someone’s weight, what does weight have to do with anything.
    Not saying I’m gonna vote for Christie because of this. However trumps actions does continue to discourage Americans from voting for him

  2. Ha ha Christie it won’t help you. He doesn’t care about what you think. Letting him squeeze out a response from you is basically feeding him….

  3. Nebach, he probably really is suffering to grapple with his weight issue, and now? it’s become public focus.
    that really was a dirty trick by Donald, but Donald doesn’t care about obstacles standing in his way. he just removes them!!