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Trump Begs For Money, Says He Could Die In Prison

Donald Trump was slapped with 37 federal charges on Tuesday, and his communications team wasted no time in capitalizing on the situation, utilizing it as a fundraising opportunity. The team sent out a series of emails coinciding with Trump’s court appearance in Miami, under the banner of “Trump: Make America Great Again! 2024.”

The initial email began with a striking statement: “Friend, Reports state that I could receive a maximum sentence of 400 YEARS IN PRISON despite being a totally and completely innocent man.”

The email seemed to channel disbelief at the gravity of the situation, comparing it to the tactics employed by historical figures such as Stalin and Mao to eliminate political opposition. It also suggested that the prosecution of Trump signified the advent of communism in America, claiming that the country was no longer the land of Washington and Lincoln.

However, amid the bleak outlook, the email urged supporters to remain steadfast, assuring them that America would be made great again.

The message then predictably asked for money, appealing to recipients to contribute towards the cause, framing it as an opportunity to save the greatest country in history, promising a substantial impact of 1,500%.

The email potentially provided insight into the legal strategy of Trump’s defense team regarding the 37 federal charges he faced. The team seemed to focus on portraying the federal government’s actions as an abuse of prosecutorial power in an attempt to persecute Trump as President Joe Biden’s primary political opponent.

Earlier in the day, Trump’s attorney Alina Habba, who is not involved in the current case, took the opportunity to address the media outside the federal courthouse. Habba asserted the existence of a two-tiered system of justice in the United States, suggesting that Trump was specifically targeted for prosecution by the federal government.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

27 Responses

  1. If it’s not politically motivated can anyone explain why the law isn’t going after the Bidens with all that they’re being accused of?

  2. And yet again YWN posting something negative against the president who was/is the best for the Jews and Israel. YWN are Kofu toiv!

  3. I get Email requests for money from Donald Trump, Don Jr, Kimberly Guilfoyle daily. The billionaire has enough of his own money to fund his defense and campaign so it’s chutzpah to ask me for money.

  4. Hey YWN editors, why such a smug, condescending headline? Where is he “begging”? I see the typical fundraising of a person running for political office, which is very very expensive these days. Plus, when you’re being railroaded by a corrupt DOJ, you need as much help as you can get. But YWN, stop sounding like Trump’s worst enemies.

  5. As someone who learned in the MB Community Kollel I consider the YWN writer a friend of a friend… Why are you so biased in your writing about Trump?

    He is certainly a bombastic and sometimes caustic person but he has been a great friend of the Jewish Community and his domestic and international policies were second to none.

    He deserves fair treatment from our journalists, if not preferential treatment.

  6. I Daven in a huge Shul and most of the oilam loves supports Trump,
    I always wonder who is commenting on the site??
    If most of the yiden I bump into support him ..
    I’m not criticizing anyone I’m just asking a question

  7. ywn wants to be included with the legacy media and be welcome at washington swamp events so they have chosen to pander to the drive by media

  8. Why do frum, yeshiva educated people support such a loser?
    Such a rich man needs to beg for help to get out of trouble that he put himself in?

  9. “Trump was specifically targeted for prosecution by the federal government.” Of course Trump was targeted!! We always target the criminals, duh.

  10. Mr Trump brought this upon himself out of his own arrogance. His public policies were great but his personal behavior is terrible. He needs to own up to his own undoing & pay his legal bills. We support his policies, we don’t support his personality!

  11. it’s mind-boggling how YWN covers Trump.
    the president who was the direct Sheliach that answered the Tefilos to HKBH of so many yidden, for the release of SMR.
    A man who the Arabs in EY were so scared of that they reduced their attacks drastically.
    We ask in our Tefilas to make sure the governments work favorably towards us.
    Which is what he did!!!!
    Why YWN? Your coverage is a sakonah for Achenu Bnei Yisroel.Hes a goy and he can turn against us in an instant.
    Have some dignity and recognize that you have a big achrayus.

  12. והחי יתן אל לבו YWN and its commentaters are a walking mussar sefer. You can see on this site קנאה גאוה וכל מיני נגיעות ומדות רעות

  13. This is out of hand yeshiva world news is blatantly anti trump and uses every opportunity to denigrate and denounce him. Most yeshiva people support trump and his policies. Please change your website to Liberal world news.

  14. Haimy, and personality does lead to policy too. See what will happen as he takes vengeance if Hashem Yerachim he becomes president!

  15. To all the genius posters speaking negatively about Trump’s personality, coarse and brash as it is at times, elections are not, or shouldn’t be, mere popularity contests. We, or we should, vote for the most qualified candidate for the job. It’s no different than a business vetting job candidates. Does Trump have the skills to be an excellent holder of the Executive branch of the federal government? I believe he does. His presidency was a great four years. In 1984, as President Ronald Reagan asked viewers while debating Jimmy Carter, “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” Today, we are not better off than we were four years ago.

  16. Rather a mean-spirited article about Donald J. Trump – on his 77th birthday no less!
    Surely the fine yidden at YWN can do better.

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