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HARD TO BELIEVE: What Happens If Joe Biden Dies? Dems Say They’re Fine With Kamala Harris As President

A recent Suffolk University/USA Today poll has shown that a significant majority of Democrats are “very comfortable” with Vice President Kamala Harris assuming the role of commander in chief in the event that President Joe Biden becomes incapable of serving.

The poll, released on Tuesday, indicates that approximately 86% of Democratic Biden voters feel either very or somewhat comfortable with Harris taking over the presidency if Biden and Harris are re-elected for another four-year term but Biden is unable to complete it.

Despite overall lackluster approval ratings, the poll demonstrates strong support for Vice President Harris among Democrats. In fact, 73% of Democrats expressed approval for the job she has been doing as vice president, according to an April poll by Fox News.

The poll results highlight the confidence Democrats have in Harris as a potential leader, even as concerns over Biden’s ability to serve another four years persist.

GOP presidential contender Nikki Haley voiced such concerns in June, saying, “Let’s be very clear. A vote for President Biden is actually a vote for President Harris. We are running against Kamala Harris.”

While Harris was announced as Biden’s running mate for the 2024 election, a May poll by Monmouth University revealed that her overall approval among likely voters remains at a low 37%. In light of her continuously low approval rating and concerns over Biden’s health, Harris is reportedly receiving a $10 million campaign boost in June as preparations for the upcoming election intensify.

Among respondents who identified as Democrats or independents in the Suffolk poll, 37% stated that Biden’s age would make them less likely to vote for him in the next election cycle, while 56% claimed it made no difference. When asked about their preferred candidate in the Democratic primary if it were held today, 58% of respondents indicated support for Biden. However, 21% remained undecided, and approximately 15% expressed a preference for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to represent the party in 2024, with 6% vying for Marianne Williamson to be on the ticket. Additionally, 66% of individuals surveyed believed that the country is currently heading in the wrong direction.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. I don’t understand what’s hard to believe. They elected her to be the vice president. That’s her only job.

  2. “In fact, 73% of Democrats expressed approval for the job she has been doing as vice president, according to an April poll by Fox News.”

    There are a lot of people who are brain dead. If any of these was cornered and confronted with a question to name a single accomplishment of Kamala, not one would be able to answer. She differs from Sleepy Joe in one area of communication. Biden doesn’t make word salads that much. He blabbers nonsense syllables. And he does say stupid things galore, but not quite word salads. Kamala pronounces her words carefully. But she manages to occupy quite a bit of time saying absolutely nothing. One who doesn’t understand a word of English will walk away from any of her speeches like all the rest of us.

    Meanwhile, she does nothing, and has failed at every single task she was given. People still want this? Yep. Brain dead.

  3. I think these poll numbers are quite understandable.

    Even the Democrats who watch Mr. Biden in action realize that someone else among the White House staff is making all the decisions. If Ms. Harris becomes president it will be the same thing – someone else will make all the decisions and her role will be relegated to simply announcing the decision someone else made for her.

  4. She has a reasonable background, and was fairly moderate until politics moved her towards WOKEism. She can claim to be African American (even though she is 100% descended from affluent and over-educated 20th century immigrants). And if Biden dies, there will be support for her out of sympathy. A danger for her is that Trump might lose interest and she wouldn’t have Trump to run against. Given that she is non-white and female, she can probably take the WOKE wing of her party for granted, and then try to appeal for support from pre-WOKE Democrats (many of whom are now Republicans and Independents).

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