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SURPRISE: Sen. Rand Paul Comes Out AGAINST Impeaching Biden

Republican Senator Rand Paul’s recent appearance on Fox Business Network caused a stir as he expressed his take on the possibility of Republicans impeaching President Joe Biden.

During the interview, host Maria Bartiromo questioned Senator Paul about Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s suggestion of impeachment for President Biden, to which California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff responded by accusing Republicans of “descending into chaos.” Paul found irony in Schiff’s comment and laughed at the clip, but he did not hold back in his criticism of the Democratic representative.

Paul reminded viewers of Schiff’s role in the impeachment of former President Donald Trump, which he believes lacked proper hearings and respect for the rule of law. He pointed out Schiff’s disregard for the Fourth Amendment rights of his colleagues by illegally searching their phone records.

The senator then cautioned against repeating the Democrats’ hasty rush to impeach Trump, emphasizing the need for continued investigation and sufficient evidence before considering impeachment.

“I don’t really want to impeach every president that comes forward,” Paul stated, highlighting his concern about the dangers of setting such a precedent. He expressed his belief that Democrats’ past impeachment efforts backfired, making them look bad and causing damage to the republic. He argued that constantly impeaching and indicting presidents is destructive and divides the nation, rather than preserving democracy.

Bartiromo questioned Paul’s stance on the lack of evidence, citing whistleblower testimony and bank records indicating foreign funds reaching Biden family accounts. Despite her counterpoint, Paul remained steadfast in his position, suggesting that while the available evidence might be somewhat persuasive, he would continue pressing for more information and would urge the FBI to do the same.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

11 Responses

  1. The headline of this article is not accurate and is misleading.

    He is not against impeachment, he just wants more evidence.

    The Republicans want to do it the right way so that it sticks and doesn’t look like some petty revenge for the democratic parties baseless actions that were all political against Trump when he was President.

  2. That’s common sense

    The republicans and democrats (in government at least) are like different genders

    Republicans use logic and don’t jump to conclusions

    Democrats on the other hand love to run on emotions

  3. We have to be careful. If he gets impeached and convicted, then look who becomes President. He should have been impeached after the Afghanistan debacle.

  4. Rand knows: 1) It is a waste of time and money since it is not likely the Senate would convict, and why let Biden go around saying, but they had a trial, and the verdict was “Not guilty”; 2) It isn’t clear if being an accessory to petty criminal antics is a “high crime” as defined by the Constitution (n.b.: no one truely understands what exactly is covered by “High crimes”, which is probably why no president was ever convicted in the history of the republic). 3) While this probably isn’t part of Rand Paul’s calculations, Biden is the candidate that the Republicans have the best chance of defeating.

  5. > jackk

    As I remember the videos, Joe Biden spewed his egregious lies to the press during his entire current tenure as President. And those lies directly involved foreign influence peddling and bribes. Covering up, as sitting President, the crimes (even of the past) is, as the saying goes – even worse than the original crime.

  6. Jackk,

    It’s not what the Republicans think, it’s in the evidence so far that is pretty overwhelming.
    10’s of millions of dollars coming in from overseas countries through multiple shell companies to the entire Biden family, people from other countries saying it was for bribes (Ukraine), text messages from Hunter making demands to the Chinese official or else his father sitting next to him will be pretty angry and take revenge, and that’s just some of it.
    Former business associates of Hunter all saying that Joe was involved and one business partner (Devon Archer) who will testify to that on Monday in front of a Congressional committee.

    The current president, Joe Biden, made millions using his office for personal gain, when he was VP, he is clearly compromised, and you will see these charges rise to the level of treason.

    It’s just a matter of time.

    He won’t last in office for the full remainder of his term.

  7. Don’t you realize the real motive? If the Republicans end up with a strong candidate, going against a semi senile candidate who was very likely involved in bribery, is the best scenario.

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