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Thinking of Trying Out Rummy? Here are Some Interesting Variants You Should Consider Indulging In.

Through generations, rummy has been a preferred card game. The multiple variants of this game make it perfect for all age groups. In India, the game was a hot favorite during festivals like Holi, Rakhi, and Diwali. People used physical cards to play rummy. Although this continues to occupy a special place in Indian festivities, the game has now shifted to online and mobile platforms. There’s no hassle of getting physical rummy cards and waiting for two to four friends to join the game. Instead, you can simply download and install the rummy game on your smartphone and click play. The app will find and match random opponents, so you don’t have to wait for a match session to start. Furthermore, the advantage of playing rummy online is the ongoing tournaments and cash battles. You can engage in a rummy cash game, score higher than your opponents and win big cash prizes. If you want to engage in rummy, here are some variants of the game you must know. The name and rules vary, but the objective is similar. Let’s go. 13 card rummy or Indian rummy 13 card rummy, also known as Indian rummy, is the standard variant of the game. It is believed the game has stemmed from Gin Rummy and Rummy 500. Players must create sets and sequences by discarding and picking cards. The game uses a joker that’s used as a wild card and can be substituted for any card that the player desires.

There are three popular versions of the 13 card rummy. 

  • Pool rummy – 101 and 201 pool rummy is a popular game. In the former, players must aim to score less than 101 and less than 201 in the latter. The objective is to make other players score more so you can win. 

  • Points rummy – This is the most basic rummy version and is great for beginners. It is also known as 80 points rummy. At the start of the game, you can choose point values that you are comfortable with. Then, play to achieve the point value you have selected. At the end of the game’s round, the points will be calculated according to the player’s performance. 

  • Deals rummy – Deals rummy is played for a particular number of deals. When the game starts, all the players are provided with a specific number of chips. Once all the deals have finished, all the players are ranked as per the chips they have.

Gin rummy 

Gin rummy is another popular version of rummy. It is a two to four player game, which is slightly different from 21 card rummy and 13 card rummy. Players are dealt ten cards each to create relevant sequences and sets. One major difference is that the ace card is considered the first, then comes 2,3, etc. In this game, players can win without creating a valid set of cards. Players can knock for the win if the point value is less than ten. At the end of the match, the points are calculated with the difference between the opponent’s deadwood and victor’s deadwood points. 21 card rummy and 13 card rummy are widely played and enjoyed by many players compared to Gin rummy.

500 rummy

500 rummy is a variant popular in America. The game is played between two to eight players. It is also known as Persian rummy or pinochle. The rules of 500 rummy are similar to the traditional game. But players are awarded points to win. The first player to reach 500 points is the winner.

21 card rummy

21 card rummy is one of the most engaging and elaborate rummy games. Similar to 13 card rummy, this game is widely enjoyed in India during festivals and occasions. 21 card rummy is played in the points rummy format. Instead of 13 cards being dealt to the player, this game hands out 21 cards. This rummy game uses three decks of cards with three jokers. Players must arrange the 21 cards into relevant sequences and sets to win. The winner requires a minimum of three pure sequences, and the rest of the cards can be arranged in sets or sequences. In this game, a tunnela is also treated as a sequence. You will need a minimum of three tunnelas in separate groups, and other cards can be clubbed or arranged in a single group. You can even leave them as it is. You can create eight dublees and leave the remaining cards on their own. Also, you can declare eight jokers in a group.


Canasta is a popular rummy version, and the name means basket in Spanish. This game has different variations itself according to the number of players. The game is typically played between four players in two partnerships with two decks of playing cards and four jokers. In the game, the jokers and 2s are wild cards. The aim is to form melds with seven cards of the same rank.

Final thoughts

Rummy is a complete entertainment package in itself. The game requires a lot of skill and wit, as creating relevant sets and sequences can be challenging. However, online rummy games allow healthy competition between real-life opponents and take the entertainment quotient of the game a step further. So, it is time to play rummy and indulge in various variants to find your favorite. 

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