Considering Best of the Best Customer Service Outsourcing Companies


Businesses worldwide are seeking better ways to serve their customers, and they’re finding help from outsourcing partners. External customer support is one such solution, allowing companies to focus on what they do best while relying on specialized service providers for customer support. However, choosing the right outsourcing contact center company can be tough with so many claiming to be the best.

In the article, we’ll explore top-notch external customer support companies. We’ll be honest, clear, and authentic as we examine what makes these companies stand out. 

What is Customer Service Outsourcing?

Customer service outsourcing is a business practice in which companies delegate the responsibility of managing customer service operations to an external service provider. 

These service providers are usually specialized companies that have the necessary expertise, resources, and infrastructure to handle customer inquiries, complaints, and support requests on behalf of the client company.

Key features of customer support outsourcing include:

  1. Customer Interaction Management: The outsourcing company manages various customer interactions through multiple channels such as phone, email, live chat, social media, and even virtual assistants or chatbots.

  2. Support Services: It encompasses a range of support services like handling product inquiries, order assistance, technical support, billing queries, and addressing customer complaints.

  3. Multilingual and 24/7 Support: Many outsourcing providers offer multilingual support, enabling businesses to cater to customers from different regions and time zones around the clock.

  4. Scalability: Outsourcing allows companies to scale their customer support operations up or down as needed, especially during peak seasons or when launching new products.

  5. Expertise and Training: Reputable outsourcing companies invest in training their agents to ensure they have the necessary product knowledge and customer service skills.

However, it is far from the only thing that customer care outsourcing companies can boast of. Businesses that use their services get much more benefits:

  • Cost Savings and Resource Efficiency: Outsourced customer assistance allows companies to optimize their budget by eliminating the need for hefty investments in infrastructure, technology, and staff training. With outsourcing partners handling these aspects, businesses can redirect their resources towards core competencies, amplifying overall efficiency.

  • Focus on Core Business Objectives: With customer service operations entrusted to outsourcing experts, businesses can devote their undivided attention to core business objectives, driving innovation and growth without being encumbered by support-related distractions.

  • Improved Customer Experience: By partnering with specialized outsourcing companies, businesses can elevate the quality of customer interactions. Enhanced response times, personalized assistance, and efficient query resolution lead to increased customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

  • Adaptability to Technological Advancements: Customer service outsourcing providers are well-versed in utilizing the latest technologies and tools to streamline support operations. Leveraging cutting-edge innovations enhances efficiency, ensuring businesses remain ahead in the ever-evolving customer service landscape.

  • Data Security and Compliance: Reputable outsourcing companies prioritize data security and compliance with stringent industry regulations. This unwavering commitment to protecting sensitive customer information instills trust and confidence in both businesses and their clientele.

Client service outsourcing is more than just a cost-saving measure; it is a strategic approach that empowers businesses to optimize their customer support operations while focusing on core competencies. 

By leveraging the specialized talent and global reach of outsourcing partners, companies can elevate their customer service standards, fostering lasting relationships with their customers and securing a competitive edge in their industries.

Our Top 10 External Customer Support Companies

There are indeed a lot of customer service outsourcing companies out there. The competition is also quite high since all brands keep their reputation high, as well as their requirements for employees. However, we finally managed to make our decision about which companies stand out from the others.

1. WOW24-7 

WOW24-7 customer support services redefine outsourcing excellence with distinctive advantages. Tailored solutions cater to diverse businesses, while their human-centric approach fosters genuine connections with customers. 

Proactive customer insights provide valuable data-driven feedback, empowering businesses to stay ahead in a competitive market. WOW24-7 offers personalized solutions, advanced tech, and lasting success. 

Businesses seeking elevated customer support need look no further, as WOW24-7 sets the stage for exceptional satisfaction. provides a variety of bundles to ensure every customer can find the type of support they need.

With a rich 15-year history, WOW24-7 has earned the trust of businesses worldwide, serving diverse industries such as SaaS, E-Commerce, IoT, and Healthcare. They specialize in assisting small and medium-sized businesses seeking efficient solutions to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.

2. SupportNinja 

SupportNinja excels in scalable and flexible customer support solutions, empowering businesses to meet changing demands. Their strength lies in a global team of skilled agents dedicated to fostering strong customer relationships. 

Specializing in multilingual support and various channels such as phone, chat, and email, as well as back-office tasks, SupportNinja caters to startups, mid-sized companies, and tech-based businesses seeking cost-effective support services. With a commitment to efficiency, they ensure seamless customer interactions and satisfaction for a diverse market of clients.

3. Helpware

Helpware is a tech-driven customer service outsourcing company, that leverages advanced tools for optimized operations. Renowned for versatility, they tailor solutions to diverse industries and businesses. 

With expertise in technical support, order processing, and back-office assistance, Helpware caters to a wide market, spanning tech startups to global enterprises. Their commitment to innovation and adaptability ensures seamless customer experiences for businesses across various industries.

4. SupportYourApp 

SupportYourApp stands out for its premium customer support, prioritizing brand consistency. With well-trained and dedicated agents, they excel in delivering high customer satisfaction and retention. 

Their wide-ranging target market includes healthcare startups and tech support, offering 24/7 coverage and support in 55 languages. Whether through dedicated or shared consultants, SupportYourApp ensures reliable service and constant analysis of business performance. 

With expertise in brand development, they guarantee exceptional support tailored to diverse industries. SupportYourApp sets the benchmark for customer service excellence, forging lasting relationships and elevating brand experiences.

5. Helplama

Helplama shines as a customer support partner that places utmost importance on personalization and fostering strong client-customer relationships. With a dedicated team approach, they excel in crafting tailored solutions that cater to the distinct needs of each client. Transparency and open communication are at the core of their strengths, instilling trust and reliability. 

Specializing in multichannel customer support, encompassing phone, email, chat, and social media, Helplama ensures seamless interactions across various platforms. 

6. TELUS International

TELUS International excels in delivering exceptional, integrated customer experiences worldwide. Leveraging customer experience process expertise and advanced analytics, they offer tailored solutions, from traditional to digital, to meet evolving market dynamics. 

With over 650 client companies spanning various industries, including Communications & Media, Travel & Hospitality, E-commerce, Technology, and Financial Services, TELUS International prioritizes people, ensuring a caring culture and strong client partnerships. 

7. Ascensos

Ascensos, a trusted partner for leading consumer retail brands, boasts extensive expertise spanning various industries. With a focus on continuous improvement, they guide clients through every phase of the customer journey, crafting memorable experiences. 

Their team of seasoned experts delivers scalable contact center solutions, providing peak support and capacity when needed. Harnessing audience-led analytics, Ascensos collaborates to deliver powerful customer insights, enhancing results and achieving business objectives.

8. SkyCom

SkyCom, an experienced call center/BPO with over 15 years in the industry, caters to multiple sectors. Their certified in-house agents, proficient in native English, support diverse programs with passion and efficiency. SkyCom stands out as the best value Nearshore solution, working with rapidly growing US brands. 

Offering higher quality and lower costs, they eliminate overhead, training, licensing, and setup fees. As a midsize company, SkyCom attends to every program detail with expertise in healthcare, utilities, finance, insurance, technology, retail, and more. 

9. Integra 

Integra Outsourcing forms a strong seamless partnership, becoming an integral part of your team despite working remotely. Their commitment to professionalism and trust is evident in their work ethic. 

Flexibility allows them to adapt to your business needs, providing a range of virtual office solutions tailored to your requirements. From bookkeeping and database management to event planning and project management, Integra Outsourcing delivers timely, high-standard services with confidentiality and reliability at the core of their values. Partner with them for first-class professional support.

10. Simplr

Simplr’s strengths lie in its extensive network of remote customer service experts, ensuring swift responses to queries. With a target market in e-commerce, food services, and EdTech, they prioritize customer satisfaction and online conversion. 

Utilizing ChatGPT, Simplr aims to automate communication with highly intelligent AI, streamlining the customer support process for seamless interactions.

Bottom Line 

In conclusion, the realm of customer service outsourcing is a vibrant landscape, and our exploration of the top 10 companies reveals a diverse range of exceptional providers. Each company stands as a testament to the transformative power of outsourcing, offering unique strengths that cater to businesses across various industries.

Experience personalized contact center solutions, professional 24/7 global support, and a multilingual omnichannel approach with WOW24-7 as your outsourcing partner. The company’s agents provide swift and effective customer assistance, helping you effortlessly reach your business objectives.

Their highly skilled support teams, operating 24/7, are dedicated to reinforcing your brand’s loyalty and achieving strategic goals. The brand caters to various industries, including eCommerce, Beauty, Travel, and Medical Devices.

For a dependable outsourcing partner committed to building strong customer relationships, look no further than WOW24-7. Let them elevate your customer retention and propel your business to new heights.