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OUT OF CONTROL: Masked Gang Ransacks ANOTHER Los Angeles Store [SEE THE VIDEO]

A disturbing trend of flash mob-style robberies targeting retailers in California has struck again, this time at a Macy’s store in Los Angeles. Startling video footage captured the audacious theft, adding to a growing list of smash-and-grab incidents that have left authorities and residents concerned.

The latest incident unfolded at a Macy’s in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, where a group of masked thieves described as being in their early 20s entered the department store shortly after 12:30 p.m. on Thursday. Surveillance video shows them swiftly emptying shelves of merchandise into their bags as stunned shoppers look on in disbelief. The robbers then fled the scene, leaving behind some of the stolen items on the ground.

The heist occurred within the Westfield Fashion Square shopping center. The thieves made their getaway in two vehicles – a silver or gold Honda and a black Ford Fusion.

This incident follows closely on the heels of a larger-scale robbery that took place on August 12th at a Nordstrom store in Canoga Park. In that case, more than 30 masked robbers stole goods worth over $300,000. The incident turned violent when one of the suspects used bear spray against a security guard who responded to the theft.

In response to the alarming rise in these brazen thefts, law enforcement agencies in Southern California came together to form a retail crime task force. This collaborative effort involves the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the US Marshals Apprehension Task Force, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Apprehension Task Force. The task force comprises 22 full-time investigators dedicated to tackling organized retail crime in the region.

The announcement of the task force was made by Mayor Karen Bass, who expressed deep concern about the recent surge in criminal incidents. “What we’ve seen over just the past week in the City of Los Angeles and in surrounding regions is unacceptable, which is why today we are here announcing action,” Mayor Bass stated. She emphasized that these crimes are not victimless and can have serious consequences, especially when they involve violence against innocent individuals going about their daily lives.

The retail crime task force has already yielded results, as they have managed to apprehend 11 individuals linked to the Nordstrom robbery and four other related incidents. As authorities continue to grapple with the mounting challenge of organized retail crime, residents and retailers remain on high alert, hoping for effective measures to bring an end to this concerning trend.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. President Biden is correct. WHITE supremacy is thee greatest threat facing this Nation. Black thugs are petrified to rob their local Macy’s, as shown above. They are petrified to burn down their local Target store because maybe some scrawny white kid wearing a red MAGA hat is lurking in the shadows.

  2. Worst part is that this are the same men doing these in all the store in the area yet the police can’t find them because they forgot how to use tik tok and have an acute case of looking the other way with a chronic case of turning a blind eye.

  3. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but they’d better not be relying on the lazy, braindead L.A. cops to rush over and help. I called 911 a few days ago and it took a mere 2 1/2 hours for Tweedle dum and Tweedle dee to stroll up to my building, after the perpetrator had left, and telling me not to worry…..They had to try out all the latest donut flavours in all the donut stores before they could come to help me. It’s a good thing that I believe the Ribbono shel Olam is protecting me and not the Keystone Kops over here.

  4. Yes, keep on voting for these criminally insane Marxist DemonRats, and this is precisely what you’ll get.
    Leftism equals death destruction, and the end of civilization.
    It is happening right before our eyes, and what is absolutely mind-boggling is that the American people and especially Jews, keep electing these filthy rabies-infected DemonRats.

  5. The State of California owes RESTITUTION TO ALL WHO ransacked the malls.

    The State Attorney, Governor must apologize for keeping the stores under lock and keys and must make department stores pay fine and fees.

    It’s Unfathomable that State of California has not yet given every homeless and illegal aliens $1,000,000 plus free Education free Medical and free housing in Beverly Hills or Malibu.
    What / who are these elected officials think They are serving ???
    You think because they provide free syringe for the addicts they have done their job?

  6. I read the link yiddish mama posted, and I’m already doing the solution for other reasons by doing my best to shop Jewish owned businesses or stores first and mainstream companies second (or third). Iffy on the premise, but agree on the solution.

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