WATCH: Mayor Adams Says Migrant Crisis Will Destroy NYC In “Financial Tsunami”


New York City Mayor Eric Adams doubled down on his concerns on Sunday, warning of an imminent “financial tsunami” that he believes will be triggered by the ongoing migrant crisis in the city.

In an interview with PIX 11’s “PIX on Politics,” Adams expressed his candid assessment of the looming financial crisis, asserting that New York City was not equipped to handle the influx of approximately 10,000 people each month indefinitely. He stressed that such a scenario would undermine the city’s overall stability.

The mayor refused to backtrack on his previous controversial assertion that the ongoing crisis would “destroy” the city. He pointed out that the crisis’s estimated cost, projected to reach an astounding $12 billion over the next three years, would impact every facet of the city’s services, including child services, senior support, and housing plans.

Adams emphasized that the city was on the brink of a financial precipice, exacerbated by a lack of substantial assistance from the federal and state governments. He voiced disappointment in both the Biden administration and Governor Kathy Hochul, asserting that New York City had been left to shoulder the weight of a national problem.

His dire outlook emerged a day after he revealed that all city agencies might need to make budget cuts of up to 15% by the spring to manage the escalating costs of the crisis. While agencies were initially advised to reduce budgets by 5% by November, Adams explained that additional reductions would be necessary in January and April if additional financial aid was not provided by early next year.

“We’re talking $12 billion, $12 billion of running our city: sanitation, police, education, libraries, everything that we have to run the city. There’s a minimum amount of money that comes in that we have to address this crisis as a national crisis, and we’ve been ignored,” he said.

Mayor Adams called on the federal government to tighten its border policies to help control the relentless influx of migrants into the city. He proposed a policy of “stay in place” for migrants in Mexico or bordering regions until they receive official entry permission. However, Adams acknowledged that he lacked the legal authority to implement such measures, emphasizing that only the federal government could enforce them.

In addition to federal aid, Adams urged the state to play a more active role in addressing the economic burdens associated with the national crisis, insisting that it should not be solely the responsibility of New York City residents.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. New York City does not have a “Migrant Crisis” — it has an ILLEGAL ALIEN crisis.

    Euphemisms like “migrants” and “undocumented immigrants” and “asylum seekers” only became popular recently, because of the influence of the Far-Leftists, who now dominate The Democratic Party.

    Before that, they were always known as ILLEGAL ALIENS, which is the correct phrase.

    ILLEGAL ALIENS do NOT deserve to receive ANY government benefits.
    What they deserve is to be sent back-to-where-they-came-from,
    as soon as possible, the sooner the better.

  2. This is what happens when u elect an affirmative action mayor. U get affirmative action results. As big a scandal as letting these criminals and thugs into the country is the thievery committed by low IQ Adams and the witch hochul stealing taxpayer dollars to fund this endless racket.

  3. NYC Mayor Eric Adams said this on 2021/10/20:
    “We should protect our immigrants, period.”

    NYC Mayor Eric Adams said this on 2023/09/06:
    “Immigrants will destroy New York City.”