DeSantis Hits Trump And Biden: “The Presidency Isn’t Suited For An 80-Year-Old”

(AP Photo/Butch Dill, File)

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says the ages of both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are worrisome as they pertain to the 2024 presidential campaign.

In an interview with CBS Evening News, anchor Norah O’Donnell engaged Governor DeSantis in a discussion about the age factor in presidential politics. O’Donnell queried, “Should voters be apprehensive about the ages of President Biden and former President Trump?”

Governor DeSantis responded unequivocally, stating, “It’s absolutely a legitimate concern. The presidency is not a role suited for an individual who is 80 years old!”

Governor DeSantis went on to argue that if the Founding Fathers were revisiting the criteria for presidential candidates, they might have considered imposing age limits. “You’re talking about a job that demands 100 percent commitment,” he said. “We need a president who exudes energy and vitality. If the founders could reevaluate this, I believe they might have imposed age restrictions on certain offices.”

Meanwhile, former President Trump, who currently holds a significant lead among Republican voters nationwide, has not taken kindly to criticism about his age. In a series of posts on the Truth Social platform on Monday, Trump pushed back against a Wall Street Journal poll that inquired about his age and mental fitness.

“In a dubious and possibly manipulated Wall Street Journal poll, suddenly emerging to divert attention from the glaring mental shortcomings of Crooked Joe Biden, they raise questions about my age and mental state. Where did that come from? A few years ago, I was the only one to consent to a mental acuity test and passed it with flying colors. … I hereby challenge Rupert Murdoch & Sons, Biden, WSJ executives, to acuity tests! I will designate the venue and the test, and it will be a rigorous one. No one will come close to matching my performance! We can even incorporate physical activities. I recently emerged victorious in the Senior Club Championship at a prestigious golf club, competing against numerous highly skilled players. Achieving this requires strength, precision, finesse, and, most importantly, mental resilience.”

Governor DeSantis, on his part, chose to shift the focus toward a potential showdown in the general election.

“If Biden secures the Democratic nomination, and I become the Republican nominee,” he said. “I believe many Americans will seek a generational transition of leadership.”

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  1. Um, an 80-year-old like Joe Biden? No, the presidency is not suited for him.
    a 77-year-old Donald Trump? Who’s as full of life and energy as ever? I beg your pardon.