SINGING A DIFFERENT SONG: Liberal NY Gov Hochul Tells Migrants To “Go Somewhere Else” [SEE VIDEO]

(AP Photo)

In a major shift of stance on Wednesday, Liberal Democratic New York Governor Kathy Hochul addressed the pressing issue of housing shortage for migrants within her state. During an appearance on CNN, she delivered a clear message to migrants, stating, “If you’re going to leave your country, go somewhere else.”

Governor Hochul emphasized the need to disseminate the message that New York lacked the capacity to accommodate more migrants. She stressed, “We have to let the word out that when you come to New York, we’re not going to have any more hotel rooms. We don’t have capacity. We have to also message properly that we’re at our limit. If you’re going to leave your country, go somewhere else.”

Furthermore, Governor Hochul offered advice to migrants, suggesting that they apply for asylum in their home countries before embarking on their journeys.

It is worth noting that Governor Hochul has faced criticism in the past for her similar remarks and efforts to curb the influx of migrants into New York, particularly New York City.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams voiced his support for this approach in late August, stating, “New York City is in that state. Every county in this state should be part of this.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. If it weren’t so tragic it would be laughable. It’s somewhat like the moron who kept hitting his head against the wall, and when asked why, he said It feels so good when I stop. Only these morons don’t stop!

    My question is, at what point was it ok in Hochul’s assessment to be a sanctuary state, and what changed that made it not ok? It was ok to overspend taxpayer money, until what? They ran out of room?! There are no more hotels in NY to put them up at? So what was ok before, and now is not ok?

    Some call it responsible governance (lol)…

  2. 😂😂
    How about Governor Mansion
    There is lots of room there.
    mayor’s Mansion
    5th Ave empty apartments and Condos.
    Or better yet
    SHIP ALL THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS TO NYC, CHICAGO, CALIFORNIA OR WHITE HOUSE. Biden has lots of room in the people’s house.

    All the politicians who are using or I should say abusing these people by letting them go through this and their children must be tried HUMAN ABUSE UNDER WORLDS COURT.
    You wanted illegal votes
    You got it.

  3. When Kathy say we should accept all immigrants she is right, when she says they should stop coming she is right.

    No matter what she says she is right.