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INSANE: NYC Slashes NYPD Budget To Pay For Illegal Immigrant Expenses

Mayor Eric Adams’ administration in New York City has declared the implementation of approximately $4 billion in budget cuts over the next 18 months, citing the migrant crisis as the primary cause. These cuts will lead to significant changes across the city, including the cancellation of new police officer hires, a $1 billion reduction in the education budget, and the closure of libraries on Sundays.

Adams described the budget reduction process as the “most painful exercise” of his professional career, emphasizing the immediate effect of these cuts on city services. Every city agency is expected to undergo a 5% budget cut, with additional reductions anticipated next year.

The NYPD will notably face a reduction in force, falling below 30,000 employees for the first time in decades, and the postponement of the next five police academy classes. Patrick Hendry, President of the Police Benevolent Association, expressed deep concern over the impact on public safety, recalling staffing levels during the crime surge of the ’80s and ’90s.

The city has welcomed over 142,000 migrants since last spring, and officials attribute these budgetary constraints to the ongoing migrant crisis. Without additional federal aid, the city expects these cuts to deepen.

The Adams administration also plans to reduce migrant services by about 20%, though specific details were not disclosed. Emergency Management Commissioner Zach Iscol mentioned a review of asylum seeker operations for potential savings.

The budget cuts extend to various departments, including the FDNY, where overtime costs and civilian vacancies will be reduced, along with light duty firefighter positions. The Education Department faces a $1 billion cut over two years, impacting programs like Summer Rising for middle schoolers and universal prekindergarten.

Library funding cuts will result in most branches closing on Sundays starting December, alongside reductions in materials, programming, and maintenance. Library leaders warn of deeper service impacts without sufficient funding.

These initial reductions may be followed by another 10% cut early next year if the city doesn’t secure state or federal aid to address the migrant crisis. This situation underscores the severe financial strain on the city and the potential for widespread impact on essential services and public safety.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Always remember that millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS (not “migrants” or “immigrants”) are here for one reason: To keep the Democratic Party in power.

    Since all NYC government agencies (including police) are suffering reduced budgets to pay for ILLEGAL ALIENS, this means that keeping the Democratic Party in power is a higher priority than government agencies that help citizens, like: Police, schools, hospitals, sanitation, etc, etc.

  2. Eric Adams is nothing more than a puppet having his strings activated by crooked joe biden, so lay all blame for these insane budget cuts on crooked joe biden. Important to lay blame where it is due.

  3. This is all due to a mere 142,000 invaders, and yet they continue to insist that Texas and Arizona border towns must absorb millions, and denounce those states for wanting to stop the invasion, or to share the burden a little.

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