IDF Reveals The Operations Of Unit 504 As It Pushes On In Gaza


The IDF on Monday revealed the extensive operations the Military Intelligence Directorate’s Unit 504, which specializes in human intelligence (HUMINT) has been engaged in over recent weeks.

Since the onset of the conflict in the region, Unit 504 has conducted interrogations of approximately 500 Palestinians and made millions of calls to urge civilians to evacuate northern Gaza, the IDF said.

Dozens of Arabic-speaking soldiers from Unit 504 have been deployed on the ground in Gaza, working closely with combat units. Their primary responsibilities include field interrogations and the provision of critical intelligence to IDF forces. To enhance their capabilities during the ongoing conflict, Unit 504 has significantly increased its personnel and established a new sub-unit dedicated to southern Israel.

As part of these efforts, the IDF has established a detention facility in southern Israel for questioning detainees captured in the Gaza Strip. To date, around 300 individuals, including members of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and other groups, have been brought to this facility for interrogation. These detainees have provided valuable information about the locations of Hamas tunnel networks, weapons depots, and the terror group’s operational methods, including the use of human shields.

The IDF has released three videos in which detainees describe how Hamas has utilized hospitals for terrorist purposes. These individuals reveal that they sought refuge at hospitals, including Shifa and Rantisi hospitals and the Red Cross building, while Hamas conducted operations from these locations.

In addition to its on-ground operations, Unit 504 maintains sources within the Gaza Strip, providing valuable information translated into intelligence for IDF ground forces.

Furthermore, the IDF has undertaken an extensive campaign to evacuate Palestinians from northern Gaza as part of its ground offensive. Unit 504 has played a pivotal role in this, making over 30,000 calls, sending more than 10 million text messages, and delivering over nine million recorded messages to Gazan civilians. Additionally, approximately four million leaflets have been dropped, warning residents of the dangers of remaining in northern Gaza. This evacuation has enabled the IDF to conduct more significant strikes and extend its operations against Hamas infrastructure. Airstrikes continue in southern Gaza, with the exception of the small al-Mawasi area along the coast, which the IDF has designated as a “safe zone.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)