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WATCH: Chris Christie Blames Donald Trump For Soaring Antisemitism In The US

Republican presidential hopeful Chris Christie has attributed the recent surge in antisemitism in the United States to what he describes as former President Donald Trump’s “intolerant” rhetoric.

“When you show intolerance towards everyone, which is what he does, you give permission as a leader for others to have their intolerance come out,” Christie said on CNN’s State of the Union program, directly linking Trump’s behavior to the rising tide of antisemitism. He emphasized that such intolerance isn’t just limited to Trump but extends to other influential figures, including university professors and administrators who have failed to adequately confront antisemitism on their campuses.

The issue has gained prominence following the October 7th surprise attack by Hamas on Israel’s southern border, which was followed by a noticeable increase in both antisemitic and Islamophobic incidents in the U.S. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) reported a staggering 388 percent increase in antisemitic incidents in the two weeks following the attack, compared to the same period in the previous year.

This rise in antisemitism has been particularly pronounced on college campuses across the country. One alarming incident occurred at Cornell University, where the kosher dining hall was temporarily closed after a student posted death threats online against members of the Jewish community.

Christie expressed his concern over the safety of Jewish students on campuses, saying, “[T]here should be no campus in this country where a Jewish student is afraid to leave their dorm, a Jewish student is afraid to go to their classes, a Jewish student is afraid to go to even have a meal in the dining hall. I mean, that is outrageous and it’s wrong.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. That makes no sense at all. ALL of the increase in antisemitism is coming from the left, from people who hate Trump and could not possibly be influenced by anything he said.

  2. The blimp is going no where taking up vast space and saying nothing. The tide in anti semitism started to rare its head with the Obama administration anc yes with Biden as well. Trump actually put it back in jar And let’s not forget trump had Jewish grand children
    The whale thinks he’s sinking trump as pay back. But all he’s doing is passing hot air

  3. In Feb 2016, Trump refused to condemn the Ku Klux Klan or disavow former Klansman David Duke. He said he didn’t know enough about Duke to publicly denounce the former KKK leader.
    “Well, just so you understand, I don’t know anything about David Duke, OK? I don’t know anything about what you’re even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists,” Trump said on CNN’s State of the Union. “I know nothing about David Duke. I know nothing about white supremacists.”
    “I’m just talking about David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan here,” Tapper responded.
    Trump told the political show’s host Jake Tapper that he’d first need to “do research” on groups in question before saying outright that he didn’t want their support at all. “Certainly I would disavow if I thought there was something wrong,” he said. “Honestly, I don’t know David Duke. I don’t believe I’ve ever met him. I’m pretty sure I didn’t meet him, and I just don’t know anything about him.”

  4. What a baby, he is so busy with Trump all the time, it really consumes his big head, all this while he worked for the guy for 4 years without saying anything, frankly, he makes a fool out of himself by now. Trump should start cooking for him & his tone will change in a second…

  5. There are ONLY two sources for antisemitism; (1) the seesaw effect of אום מלאום יאמץ (Yaakov and Eisav) and (2) Sinai (the hatred that comes from us having been given the Torah. The first one puts the responsibility squarely on our shoulders. When we will be growing in our connection with HKB”H, relying on Him, serving Him, loving and fearing Him, then the NATURE of the workd has He created it will bring Eisav down. When we are lax in our connection – in our mitzvah observance, in our ahavas Yisroel – our actions and ack of actions place Eisav on top. Blaming President Trump, President Biden, the left or the right, the EU, Ukraine, or Russia, acually may itself be the cause of some increased antisemitism as taking our focus off of Him, by the “laws of nature” (i.e. the laws by which the spritual realms are controlled) gives Eisav the upper hand.

    This may be just one reason why in an עת צרה it is a mitzva min haTorah according to all Rishonim to daven; to cry out to HKB”H. Even though our goals may be accomplished through the hishtadlus of doron and milchamah, without tefilah our actions may be seen as a lack of emunah as oppsed to regular effort.

  6. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know too much about politics … but I can say that every time I look at the news this guy is always blaming trump for everything!!! My goodness ! Enough already! It’s like a little kid when his mommy yells at him he blames his brother. It wasn’t me it was him.

  7. He believes that Trump has managed to break through and is now being supported not only by “America First” isolationists, but also by left wing (quasi socialist/WOKE) anti-zionists.

  8. Still hasn’t recovered from TDS I see

    We can trace the recent deep division in this country directly to Barack Hussein Obama. Instead of uniting the country when elected president, he didn’t let a day go by without crying racism. Remember the cop and professor? Never once defended a police officer? Always cried about institutional racism. Never once took the high road to celebrate America. Always tearing it down, till this day.

    I think the new song goes;
    humpty christie sat on the wall,
    humpty christie had a great fall.
    why you ask? He thought he saw another burger and ended up falling of the wall.
    anyway, in the end he hurt his belly and there was no burger, so he went wining that bully trump pushed him down…..

  10. Rif, why should he have known who David Duke was? He knew the name about 20 years earlier, but that doesn’t mean he knew it then. And not being familiar with this person, he would certainly have been right to refuse to condemn him without first finding out who he was and what sort of person he really was. Only an idiot would take Tapper’s word for it.

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