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Trump Insists He Is Sane, Says He “Sarcastically” Confuses Biden And Obama

Former President Donald Trump is pushing back against questions about his apparent cognitive impairment following instances where he appeared to confuse former President Barack Obama with current President Joe Biden at recent campaign events.

Trump insisted Monday that his mixing of the two Democratic presidents’ names was actually intentional and sarcastic.

“Whenever I sarcastically insert the name Obama for Biden as an indication that others may actually be having a very big influence in running our Country, Ron DeSanctimonious and his failing campaign apparatus, together with the Democrat’s Radical Left ‘Disinformation Machine,’ go wild saying that ‘Trump doesn’t know the name of our President, (CROOKED!) Joe Biden. He must be cognitively impaired,'” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

Trump’s political foes, especially the DeSantis campaign, have been bringing up Trump’s gaffes along the campaign trail.

Trump also highlighted his recent performance on a cognitive test, which he claims to have “aced” as part of his physical examination. He suggested that Biden should undergo a similar test to explain certain policy decisions, such as open borders, no energy independence, and other issues.

In a move possibly timed to coincide with Biden’s 81st birthday last week, Trump released a letter from Dr. Bruce Aronwald lauding his “excellent” health and weight loss. The letter, however, provided scant details about the specifics of Trump’s medical examinations.

As the 2024 presidential race looms, Trump, if elected, stands to become the oldest sitting president, surpassing Biden.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. His doctors seem to be at least, if not more cognitively impaired than their patient. Remember back in 2015, “Dr. Waldo”, (aka Dr Harold Bornstein) released a letter describing Trump’s health in language that sounded more like it was written by the patient himself rather than the doctor — and it turned out that was exactly what happened.

    “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency,” gushed Dr. Bornstein. The letter said that a recent medical exam showed “only positive results” for the then-candidate and that “his physical strength and stamina are extraordinary.” The doctor subsequently acknowledged that trump had dictated the letter.

  2. ”Trump insists he is sane”
    You would never get such framing about Biden. If it was Biden, who by the way is clearly not “sane”, it would be “Biden pushes back against critics” never “Biden insists he is sane”.

  3. Trump is losing his ability to lie. His lies now sound like a 4-year-old trying to lie about why all the cookies are gone because his teenage ate them.

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