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ARRESTED: 2 Teens Who Beat Orthodox Jewish Girl Unconscious In Stamford Hill Put Behind Bars

Two teenage girls, aged 13 and 14, have been arrested for assaulting and robbing a 20-year-old woman from the Orthodox Jewish community in Stamford Hill. The incident, which took place on Thursday afternoon on Rostrevor Avenue, left the victim with multiple bruises, though she did not require hospitalization.

Police say they worked with school officers and staff to confirm the identity of the girls. The pair, aged 13 and 14, were arrested at around midday on Saturday and remain in custody. The force said it is “keeping an open mind” but is treating the incident as a possible hate crime.

Following the incident, Stamford Shomrim reported: “The brutal attack ended after the two female offenders kept on kicking the unconscious victim in the head before laughing over her body and according to witness reports saying joyfully she’s “dead”!

Detective Sergeant Asli Benson, leading the investigation, described the event as a “terrifying incident” for the victim, assuring ongoing support. “Officers have been pursuing all available lines of enquiry since the incident and these arrests are a significant development,” Benson stated.

Highlighting the victim’s Jewish identity, Benson expressed concerns about the possibility of a targeted hate crime. “It would have been obvious from her appearance that she was Jewish,” she said.

“In the current climate, when fears and uncertainty in the wider Jewish community are heightened following the terror attacks in Israel and the subsequent rise in antisemitic hate crime here in London, these concerns are entirely understandable. While we are keeping an open mind as to the motive behind the incident and will continue to explore all avenues, we are treating this as a possible hate crime.”

The Metropolitan Police said it is treating the case as a possible hate crime.

According to police reports, CCTV footage played a crucial role in identifying the suspects, who appeared to be in school uniforms. Collaboration with school officers, staff, and public tips led to the arrests.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. A “possible” hate crime??? Sure didn’t look warm and affectionate to me. So what’s their definition of hate? Helen Keller could have spotted this one. Pathetic, namby pamby, P.C. police strike again.

  2. No big deal. This is an easy one.
    Get two bochrim to learn an extra blatt, תורה is מגן and done. Just like Israel doesn’t need the IDF as it’s the Torah learning alone that is protecting, so too in London. I’m sure they don’t have shomrim or the like as there is no need for that avodah zarah.

  3. Even if it wasn’t a hate crime, the fact that they thought she was dead, and seemed happy, ought to be enough to justify charging them with attempted murder. Unfortunately as juveniles they won’t get much of a sentence anyway.

  4. Is this a joke? The police were pressured into making an arrest and now they are working to get these animals a defense. They cannot be relied on. We have already seen that in London they are pro-Palestinian. Then they will play the age card. You cannot rely on them.

  5. @ circle
    If the only thing that managed to come to your mind after reading that a lady was viciously beaten up was how you can publicly display your hatred of Torah and it’s scholars I think the treatment you’re going to get up there is a lot worse than those thugs.

  6. Circle:
    First, had the Zionists not invaded over a century ago, there would never have been a need for their army.
    Even now, unlike your heresy, the Jews in Israel indeed need only Torah learning (and mitzvos) to truly protect them, not any army.

    And Shomrim is, of course, not Avoda Zara, unlike Zionism.

  7. Circle and HaKatan- Are you both MAD? Why on earth does Israel not need an army? Have you not heard of the chiyuv of hishtadlus and Ein somchim al Haness? Yes it’s the Torah and mitzvos that bring the hatzlochoh of the army that is needed to protect all Yeiden in Eretz Yisroel including the Bnei Torah learning in yeshivos….

    Shomrim ‘yes’ but IDF ‘no’? You’re bonkers!

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