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2 Women Beat Jewish Woman Unconscious In Stamford Hill, Laugh Over Her Body

In a vicious and disturbing attack on Thursday evening, two women beat a Jewish woman unconscious, kicking her in the head and laughing that she was now dead. They also stole her pocketbook.

Numerous people and drivers passed by the attack as it was happening but not one person took action to stop the perpetrators.

The Shomrim organization of Stamford Hill wrote: “See dramatic footage of the horrendous racist vicious assault leaving the female victim unconscious!”

“The brutal attack ended after the two female offenders kept on kicking the unconscious victim in the head before laughing over her body and according to witness reports saying joyfully she’s “dead”!

“Shomrim volunteers have spent all night recovering CCTV and searching for witnesses. Shomrim are supporting the victim and her family.”

Videos of the horrifying attack quickly spread on social media.

“We don’t underestimate the psychological impact of offenses such as these and we are offering her every support as we work to identify the suspects,” said Detective Inspector Mike Herrick of the Metropolitan Police robbery unit.

“We know footage of the incident has been widely shared on social media and understand that there will be added concerns about the motivation behind the attack. We will of course keep an open mind about the motive and continue to work closely with the local community to allay any fears.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. “In a vicious and disturbing attack on Thursday evening, two women beat a Jewish woman unconscious”

    No, that is misleading. It was two BLACK women! No need to be politically correct.

  2. Since we learned last week that words really don’t mean anything unless they’re associated with action, I really hope people catch the shvartzas and do what needs to be done.

  3. We will of course keep an open mind about the motive …

    You have to keep an open mind because you have a closed one when it comes to Jews

    They don’t know her it was a Jewish neighborhood and she’s dressed like a Jewish woman what do you think the motive was.

  4. The assailants are not adult women, they’re schoolgirls, so even when/if caught they’ll likely get a very light punishment.

    Also I agree with commenter “Kevlar” who wrote: My guess is that it’s nothing to do with the lassie being Jewish! Most likely anyone who came into their vicinity would have been a victim, because they think they’re special and know they’ll get away with it! #BrokenBritain

  5. Was this a mugging/robbery or something political. The two assailants appear to be females dressed in a non-Islamic manner (though they may feel that be killing Jews they will get a “get out of jail card”).

  6. It looks like our society sank so low.
    Even the Police are a little lazy or afraid to look for these two female murderers.
    We came to a point in history that only Hashem can help us .
    We have to cry to our father the Almighty for help. All other avenues is a complete waste of precious time.
    כי אשמרה שבת אל ישמרני

  7. lbj, the majority of people in the neighborhood are not Jewish, and the victim was dressed respectably. There’s no reason these girls would have associated that dress with Jews. But even if they did, that doesn’t make their attack antisemitic. It’s just as likely that they would have attacked the first person they could, no matter what that person’s ethnicity.

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