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WATCH: Jen Psaki Fumes Over Media Coverage Of Joe Biden’s Declining Cognitive Skills

In the wake of the special counsel report that has renewed debate over Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities, Jen Psaki, the former White House Press Secretary under President Joe Biden, blasted the media’s focus on her previous employer. Psaki, who has transitioned to a role as an MSNBC host, shared her grievances during a “Meet the Press” roundtable discussion, expressing disappointment over the prioritization of the special counsel’s findings over recent comments made by Donald Trump.

According to Psaki, the media’s attention should have been captivated by Trump’s remarks, particularly his suggestion on Saturday that Vladimir Putin should be allowed to attack NATO allies without interference.

“If you’re sitting in the White House and on the campaign right now, you’re absolutely banging your head against the wall at the way that the Thursday report has been covered,” Psaki lamented. “Given all of the things that have happened this week, including … the fact that Donald Trump yesterday suggested that Vladimir Putin should have free rein in attacking NATO allies. And what do we see when we wake up this morning? Wall-to-wall coverage of whether a guy who’s four years older than his opponent is too old to be president.”

The conversation on “Meet the Press” also touched upon a Washington Post report indicating some top Democrats’ desire for Biden to be replaced as the party’s nominee in the upcoming 2024 presidential election. Psaki robustly dismissed such speculation, underscoring the importance of recognizing Biden’s position as the inevitable nominee. “What the Biden campaign needs right now is for people to realize that … he is going to be the nominee,” she asserted, emphasizing the critical choice facing voters.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

4 Responses

  1. It’s mind-boggling that in a country of 300,000,000 people these are the only two who are capable and worthy of the highest office in the world! Can’t America come up with anyone who doesn’t have these dark black clouds hovering overhead? 300 million people! No one else who is capable?

  2. Ok , weather you love trump or you hate trump .. or whatever then case May be … we all know, weather we choose to admit it .. just watching Biden speak .. he’s really slow & old. Would Jen Psaki let Biden be the pilot if her kids were on the plane ? Would she let him babysit her kids for a week ? The answer is a fat no! As you saw while she was defending Biden she had to take a punch at trump .. why ?? The answer is she only defending Biden because of the hate for trump. Trump will get this country back in order if they would actually stop the lies & let him be president.
    I’ll say this again & again. How can you possibly defend Biden mental state ??

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