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Tucker Carlson: Moscow Is “So Much Nicer” Than Any American City

Following his recent interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Tucker Carlson delivered remarks at the World Governments Summit in Dubai, praising Moscow as nicer than any city in the United States.

“It is so much nicer than any city in my country. I had no idea,” Carlson remarked. He pointed out the city’s cleanliness, safety, and architectural beauty, questioning the stark disparity with cities in the United States.

Carlson’s commentary extended beyond Moscow, as he named Tokyo and other international cities as “wonderful places to live,” contrasting them with shortcomings in American urban environments.

“At a certain point, I don’t think the average person cares as much about abstractions as the concrete reality of his life,” Carlson said. “And if you can’t use your subway, for example, as many people are afraid to in New York City because it’s too dangerous, you have to sort of wonder, isn’t that ultimate measure of leadership?”

Carlson also suggested that Vladimir Putin doesn’t want war with Ukraine – despite the fact that he started it.

“First things first, Putin wants to get out of this war. Russia’s industrial potential is a lot more profound than we thought it was,” Carlson asserted.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. All the above mentioned foreign cities realize one major thing.

    Certain population groups bring crime and they aren’t afraid to crack down on it.

  2. At first glance it sounds like he’s boasting about Russia over the U.S. but the fact is that our streets are the filth capital of the world.

  3. What a total idiot! Oh so Moscow is nicer so I guess Putin is a true leader, according to his reasoning Kim Jung Un is also a true leader and so are all totalitarian regimes like Xi of China because you don’t have to worry about crime in those places! Wait maybe that is actually Trumps reasoning too!
    There are other things that are dear to people besides nice city’s and the level of crime on the subways like freedom, and the quality of life that we enjoy in the USA and most democratic country’s. That’s why millions are trying to get into the USA and hardly anyone is trying to get into Russia or North Korea or China nice city’s subways and all.

    Tucker Carlson should just pack his bags and move to Moscow. That would be one less dope in the USA

  4. I would pick Putin any day over anyone of America…even Biden can’t stand straight before this man…..shame on the world, everyone has their own countries peoples, time to remove all of Hagars Children and all of Abrahams with this woman……don’t belong in Israel nor any part of the world, incapable of learning incapable period

  5. Bigchoosid, there is NO quality of life in North Korea! Pyongyang is a horrible place to live, worse even than the worst parts of the USA.

  6. He is referring to ” cleanliness, safety, and architectural beauty” – not politics or economics. As almost all major American cities are run by left-wing Democrats, it is not surprising that Tucker Carlson is critical of them (though he is probably correct, since Democratic mayors and city councils focus more on patronage and handouts that keeping the city clean, safe, or even prosperous).

  7. Yes, you will be thrown out a 9th story window if you express the wrong opinion, but at least you know the mess on the sidewalk will be promptly scrubbed sparkling clean by Putin’s efficient cleaning crews. That’s what makes Russia so great compared to America, where the streets are dirty and people like Tucker can insult the president of the United States without being sent to a prison cell with a view of the Arctic ocean. Слава России!

    Well, I should say the sidewalk will be clean if Tucker is going to be brought down that street. I’m sure his handlers made sure not to take him to any of the less pretty parts of Moscow.

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