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Jerusalem Estates Turnkey: An Experience Like No Other, Your luxury suite in the heart of Jerusalem.

We are pleased to announce the launch of Jerusalem Estates Turnkey, a limited series of luxurious, furnished apartments in Jerusalem Estates, ready for immediate occupancy. The living spaces are carefully curated by top-class interior designers, decked out with designer furniture and custom carpentry and equipped with all appliances: an oven, stove, refrigerator, urn, and even a coffee machine.

The full experience is designed to give you the warm feeling of home, with the opulent atmosphere of an exclusive hotel. You can immediately relax in the well-appointed bedroom, with sheets already fitted on the wide and comfortable beds. We would tell you to linger a bit in the central living space, to let your eyes wander towards the comfortable sofa, the soft lighting, the exquisite carpet and the meticulously chosen design elements that transform the apartment into a magnificent, thoroughly enjoyable place to stay in. You can take your coffee in hand as you step out onto the balcony overlooking the bustling streets of Geulah, and observe the beating heart of Jerusalem while you plan your evening stroll to the Kosel… 

These apartments open up a new opportunity to join as honorary members of the much-coveted Jerusalem Estates community. Now you can enjoy the serene lifestyle and the array of conveniences within: the ornate gates opening up to the Amphora Promenade, the convenient parking and the magnificent amenities currently under construction for the benefit of our residents. 

If you would like the rewarding experience of acquiring everlasting history, contact our sales office at 718-564-6656, or visit

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