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NYC Mayor Adams Reverses Funding Cuts To City Services Vows To Cut Illegal Immigrant Funding As His Poll Numbers Sink

New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced on Wednesday that he will redirect funds away from services for border crossers and illegal immigrants amidst growing financial concerns and his dwindling approval among New Yorkers. The move marks a reversal from previous measures that saw the city’s budget strained due to increased spending on illegal immigration amid a sanctuary city policy.

In November 2023, Adams faced critical backlash after initiating city-wide budget cuts that threatened to reduce public services for New Yorkers to accommodate the financial demands of supporting waves of illegal immigration. But Adams’ approval ratings have since plummeted to a record low, with fewer than 30% of New Yorkers expressing satisfaction with his leadership, the lowest for any mayor in the city’s recent history.

Adams has now declared an end to the proposed budget reductions that would have impacted New York City residents directly and is instead slashing an additional 10% from the funds allocated to services for newly arrived border crossers and illegal aliens.

Simultaneously, Adams defended his administration’s decision to provide prepaid debit cards to border crossers and illegal aliens. Despite the budgetary constraints, Adams said that this initiative, currently a pilot project involving 500 participants, could be expanded if deemed successful by city officials – despite an estimated price tag of $53 million.

The fiscal impact of illegal immigration on New York City is extremely serious, with estimates suggesting it may cost taxpayers up to $12 billion over the next three fiscal years.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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