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Oorah Auction Early Bird Deadline is Here: Don’t Miss This Chance to Win a Bonus $5,000 + a Bird!

Time is running out to win! Oorah Auction early bird raffle ends TODAY, and your chance to win $5k + a bird ends along with it. 


All tickets are still only $5! Win $36,000, a home makeover, an Amazon spree, and more!


Enter TODAY,  February 22, and you’ll be automatically entered into a bonus early bird raffle for $5,000 (plus a free bird)! 


Don’t miss out on this chance, the deadline is today 2/22/24! Enter NOW to get your free ticket. 


Go to or call 1.877.AUCTION now to enter. You can also WhatsApp us at 732-348-3474


(Oorah’s Auction is an easy way to be a part of Oorah’s vital work. See where your money goes!)


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